Do you know? Because I like it, I will stay with you.

 Do you know? Because I like it, I will stay with you.

Plutos Call for October: Fine-cut maple-dyed pillow books, autumn clouds and shadows

I love maple leaves subconsciously. Or maybe its about broken maple feathers. Unfortunately, his whereabouts have long been unknown. October should be the harvest season. In the literary world, we have not produced more fruits. This has something to do with my not earnestly operating, but also with the reading and work of more friends. They all have their own roles in life. This reality alone has already made people extremely tired. As for sewing and inserting needles, it is not easy to write - I absolutely have a deep experience.

I do not know, next October will usher in the flourishing age of Fanghua? Here I am, drinking lightly, slowly and so on.

Plutos Call of November: Erwei Gelug is full of fragrance and meets the king again

I hope to meet a friend with my words in Pluto. Well, I have to brush past when it happens. Ive been here for more than ten years, and Ive seen many people coming and going. The only thing I can do is stay and stay. When you come back, theres still this place. When you come back, theres a theme to write about. When you come back, you will have the same interest in cooking wine. Once disappeared in the sea, Im afraid I cant find a place to miss. What should we do about it? You know, Im waiting, waiting for someone to come back.

Goodbye, goodbye to me, you or you? It doesnt matter. It would be great if you could come.

Plutos Call Order December: Falling in love with Feihong at dusk

This is the anniversary of the circle, wow. Like a woman in the twilight, though she cant see the ruthlessness of time. But inside, it cant be as clear as before. I cared, but now Im free. Originally ignored, but now there is no reason to expect possession. Everyone thinks differently at every stage. Flowing like a year, the appearance changes early and the situation changes. Only feelings, as always. Maybe, in a different form. But the joy of Gods fellowship remains unparalleled. When I dream back at midnight, I can still remember those things with a smile.

Life everywhere knows what it is like, it should be like Feihong stepping on snow and mud. (Wen/Piaoyutong) You can read Wen, like an old man.

I like it, so I stay. Accompany you, accompany me, this planet destined to be lonely - I hope, goodbye or friends!