A green lotus before my Buddha

 A green lotus before my Buddha

Author | Pale Moxuan Reading | Blue Lotus

Photography | Water Mirror World | Editor | Silk

Lotus Happy Pool Lotus Sacred

The heart of lotus falls and the heart of pond adds fragrance

A green lotus before my Buddha

Keep a green light

With the smoke curling green smoke, looming

With piety and Euphemism

Candles flicker in the breeze

Wishing, only for meeting thousands of years ago

Prayer to continue

Dont admire the beautiful crowd, but listen to the quiet words

Deeply connected, never diminished

Lie in the water, stand on the top of the cloud

Pillow a spring wind to render the green willow bank

Supporting a long pole, stirring the ripples of Lake dream

And a clear music of heaven

Let the melody be gentle and clear

The Soul of Fluctuation and Silence

Feel the breath of nature

The shuttle patrols the moonlight shore

Searching for the lost green lotus five hundred years ago

Like a dream, vague in the lotus pond beside the lotus root

The gentle breeze makes the green lotus blossom gracefully

Fragrance, turbulence, prosperity and prosperity

Drunk and glowing, confused clouds and mists, gentle wind and moon

Years pass by, a few degrees of Meikai fragrance and darkness

Memories of the Year of Lock-in Dust

The hope of fossil margin

Read ten thousand volumes of ancient rhyme, with tender feelings

Unknown Past and Present Life

Wish to become a green lotus before Buddha

Pious practice, with thousands of Fanghua

Hold fast to your hearts persistence

For a gentle life, eternal lingering

Authors brief introduction: Tam Moxuan and Weixin (li913124) like writing, photography and tourism. I wish everyone who lives through me can be happy. Wechat Public Number: Shuer Microjournal Shuer 667788.

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