Soviet 25 has made countless military achievements for Russia. Why are there no new fighters to take over after the retirement of Chinese fighters of the same type?

 Soviet 25 has made countless military achievements for Russia. Why are there no new fighters to take over after the retirement of Chinese fighters of the same type?

Su-25UB attacker crash site.

According to Russian media reports, a Su-25UB attack plane crashed recently in the Stavropol border area has now confirmed that two pilots have died, after the Russian Ministry of Defense said the pilot successfully ejected.

According to Russian media reports, the crash site was very tragic. The plane exploded when it collided with the ground, and the cockpit was said to have plunged into the ground three meters deep. It was clear that the impact was very violent.

Russias Ministry of Defense said that the pilots were completing a stunt flight called Death Fighting when the plane crashed, which is likely to be the main cause of the crash. When the plane crashed, the two pilots on board did not have enough time to eject.

When the action of death wrestle is made, if it is not pulled up in time, it will cause the plane to collide directly.

Unlike the MiG 35, which flies off the wings at the Moscow Air Show, the Su 25 is a fairly old aircraft. It was developed in 1968, first flown in 1975 and assembled in 1984. It has been in service for 35 years.

Like the American A10, Su 25 is rough and fleshy as an assault plane.

The most enjoyable thing is the use of a titanium alloy ballistic cockpit, like a bathtub, to wrap the pilots in it, its armor thickness of 24 mm, enough to withstand small-caliber weapons on the ground, in the invasion of Afghanistan, withstood the test of 23 mm guerrilla aircraft guns in Afghanistan.

The Soviet-25 attack aircraft designed and manufactured in the former Soviet era performed well in the war in Afghanistan.

In terms of firepower, Su 25 is equipped with a double-barrel 30mm machine gun, and some models are equipped with a 30mm 6-barrel Gatling machine gun. But unlike the machine gun of A 10, the GSh-6-30 Gatling machine gun of Su 25 uses internal energy, that is, gunpowder gas generated after the projectile is fired, to propel the barrel to rotate and continue firing. The A10 7-barrel machine gun uses motor as power.

Su 25 equipped with machine guns has a very high firing speed, with double-barrel machine guns firing up to 3000 rounds per minute and six machine guns firing up to 6000 rounds per minute, but it carries fewer shells, only 250 rounds, and can only support a few point firing.

This is also a difference between A10 and A10. After all, the A10 attacker is said to be a flying machine gun. It loads a thousand rounds and has a maximum ammunition of 1350 rounds. According to the calculation of 50 rounds fired at a short point, it can hit 27 rounds.

Su 25s firepower comes from a variety of airborne ammunition. It can hang up to 4.4 tons of weapons and ammunition. The fuselage has 10 external hanging points. It can carry various types of rockets, bombs and air-to-ground missiles.

Su 25, known as flying tank, has a very strong firepower.

In carrying out anti-tank missions, the Su 25 can hang eight Tornado anti-tank missiles under each wing. The missile has a range of 10 kilometers and can penetrate 1,000 mm thick armor. Its performance is very similar to that of the Hellfire missile in the United States.

The Soviet 25 attack machine has experienced hundreds of wars, ranging from the war in Afghanistan, the war in Chechnya to the recent war in Syria.

Although wearing heavy armour, but the war damage is also many, 23 Su 25 were shot down in Afghanistan, but this is not its problem, after all, Su 25 is a low-altitude mission, slow speed, so it is inevitable to encounter ground artillery baptism.

The Su-25 attacker returned safely after being hit by a Stinger Anti-aircraft Missile.

Many Su-25 fighter planes were beaten with holes in the actual battle. They can still return with a scar. This is because besides the cockpit, their engines are also protected by stainless steel and bullet-proof armor, so it is difficult to knock them down at leisure.

Su 25s latest battle damage was in Syria in 2018, hit by ground-based portable missiles. The pilot was surrounded by armed elements after parachuting, and finally fired a grenade.

It can be said that as long as the Russian army has combat tasks, almost all can see the figure of the Su 25. Although it lags far behind the current advanced fighter aircraft in speed mobility and aviation and electricity, it still firmly occupies a seat in the Russian army with its tenacious vitality and strong offensive power, as well as cheap prices. Land.

At this point, we have to mention that Chinas Strong Five fighters, as Chinas last air-to-ground attack aircraft, have a long history of R&D in Lisu 25. It served in 1968 and retired from active service until 2017. It has been equipped in the PLA for 49 years. A considerable number of improvements have been made, and the Strong Five has made the most brilliant achievements. It is the hydrogen bomb throwing test that has been carried out and succeeded.

Strong Five.

Although the lifts and speeds of the top five exceed A10 and Su 25, in 2017, the PLA retired all of them at one time. It is important to know that the last top five was delivered in 2012 and has just served for five years.

The reason for the retirement of the top five is simple. Firstly, because of its inherent defects, there is little room for improvement, too small airframe, small short range ammunition load, and relatively backward avionics equipment, it has been difficult to meet the needs of modern warfare. In addition, it is mainly used in anti-armor cluster warfare, which is not required by the Chinese army at present.

After the retirement of J5, China did not develop new attack aircraft. Fighter bombers such as J7 were mainly responsible for the ground attack. In addition, fighters like J10 and L15 could also share part of the ground attack tasks, let alone the emergence of unmanned aerial vehicles.

In the air dart competition in 2017, L15 replaced Qiang5 in the strong attack crew competition because of its retirement.

With the wide application of precision guided weapons, in the past, the use of non-guided bombs, rockets and machine guns required many low-altitude shootings at great risk to complete combat tasks, which can now be completed outside the ground fire defense circle, so the need to develop a slow attack aircraft has become less.

At present, it is urgent for the Chinese Air Force to increase the number of five generations of aircraft, develop a new generation of bombardment, and develop the next generation of carrier-based aircraft, which are much more important than single-performance ground attack aircraft.

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