Toxic substances 200 times higher in plastic book covers may feminize boys

 Toxic substances 200 times higher in plastic book covers may feminize boys

Cover is a prescribed action at the beginning of school/from the Internet

Plastic book covers sell well in the opening season

Parents are worried that plastic products are harmful to health

All along, wrapping a book cover is a compulsory course for primary and secondary school students. Nowadays, the book cover has gradually changed from calendar and kraft paper to plastic products. But residents of Beijing News and Broadcasting News Hotline 65159063 (Weixin Public Number Ask Beijing) reflected that they were concerned about the safety of plastic book covers for children.

Listen to parentspuzzlement about plastic book covers

Plastic book cover, is it poisonous? Ms. Wangs children are in the first grade of primary school this year. As soon as they start school, they put forward a request for their children. Ms. Wang said:

Ms. Wang: Now we all require transparent cover in primary school. Transparent is definitely plastic. Paper cant be transparent.

A wide variety of plastic book covers on the market/from the Internet

However, Ms. Wang is doubtful about this requirement of the school. She believes that plastic book covers may bring harm to children.

Woman: Now you cant smell the harmful substances. I cant take all the book covers to be tested. Children come into contact with each other every day. Even if they are qualified, plastic things are more or less harmful. All the children in the class are like this book covers. Then in such a closed indoor environment, wait for the haze. What if you cant even open the window in the sky?

Reporters visited major stationery stores in the field, Beijing News and Radio reporters also asked many parents about the situation, there are indeed some schools required to wrap plastic transparent book covers. But for whether plastic book covers will harm children, a small number of parents and Ms. Wangs attitude is similar, while most parents do not know the situation.

So, do Ms. Wang and other parents worry too much? Beijing News and Radio reporters have also investigated the plastic book covers which are popular in the market at present. Reporters chose five stationery stores located in Chongwenmen, Xidan, Xihongmen, Wudaokou and Tongzhou Beiyuan to visit.

Plastic book cover/photo taken by Dayao in a stationery store near Chongwenmen

Reporters found that there are two kinds of plastic book covers on the market, one is plastic book cover, the other is plastic film which can be directly pasted on the book. Businessmen told reporters that the plastic book covers they sold did not harm their children.

Reporter: This is 16. How much is this? Business: 10 yuan, 1 bag, 10. Reporter: Hasnt it affected the children? Business 1: No impact, this is the best. Business 2: No effect. This is a specialist in business. This is a brand. If you buy a cluttered brand, it will have an impact.

Material: Polypropylene VS polyvinyl chloride Beijing News and Broadcasting reporter noted that some of the plastic book covers with outer packaging, part of the labeling material is polypropylene, and the other part of the labeling material is PVC, that is, polyvinyl chloride. So, do these materials have any impact on children? Reporters to the industry to verify.

Plastic Book Cover/Dayao Photography

Wei Wenfeng, founder of Dad Evaluation, once tested the plastic book covers sold on the market. He told reporters that if the book covers were made of polypropylene, they would hardly affect children. But if the book covers were made of polyvinyl chloride, the consequences of long-term use would be unthinkable.

Wei Wenfeng: The original PVC, this PVC material will contain a lot of phthalates. When children touch with their hands, they will migrate to the skin, and then eat and go back to the body. Because the molecular structure of this PVC is very similar to that of hormone estrogen. After entering the human body in large quantities, then Your environment will feel more hormones and estrogens. Girls will begin to have precocious puberty and boys will become feminine.

It is difficult to distinguish the material of the book cover. Wei Wenfeng once tested the popular PVC book cover on the market, and the result was unexpected to him.

Wei Wenfeng: At that time, I bought seven models in the market. All of them contained phthalate esters. They exceeded the standard 200 times and 300 times. The results were very serious at that time.

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However, it is very difficult for consumers to distinguish whether the book cover is made of polypropylene or polyvinyl chloride.

Wei Wenfeng: Ordinary parents cant identify it at home by sensory or simple methods. Its PVC or PP. This can only be detected by laboratory tests. Polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride are very similar to each other in naked eyes and when you touch his hand.

There is no uniform standard for the material of book cover, and for this situation, there is no explicit regulation to restrict it in our country at present. For example, the General Requirements for the Safety of Student Goods in China stipulates eight aspects of the safety of watercolors, crayons, erasers, stationery boxes, pencil sharpeners and other student goods used by minor students, but they do not include book covers. Wei Wenfeng said:

Wei Wenfeng: The standard of childrens toys in our country is to prohibit the addition of phthalate esters. The concentration of phthalate esters should not exceed 0.1%. There are also relevant regulations abroad. But you said that this thing in the bag is not a toy, it is a neglected corner.

The negative impact of plastic book cover is mostly about plastic book cover. Reporters also consulted several NGOs for public welfare and environmental protection. Leaders of several institutions said that plastic book covers do have a negative impact on children. Shenzhen Zero Waste Environmental Protection Public Welfare Development Center has been concerned about plastic book covers. Wu Ting, the project director, made an account for the journalist.

Wu Ting: According to the calculation of at least 15 book covers per semester for each student, it takes 180 book covers per student to complete six years of primary school. There are about 800,000 primary school students in Beijing, consuming 24 million book covers every year.

Wu Ting: Plastics will bring various health risks to human health during its whole life cycle. When it comes to the environment, it will become micro-plastics. If it is in the ocean, it will gather harmful substances in the ocean, and gradually return to human body through the accumulation of food chain.

Wrapping a book cover could have been more environmentally friendly, Wu Ting suggested. There are many environmentally friendly ways to wrap a Book cover. Plastic products are not necessary.

Wu Ting: It is obvious that there is a better way to use the waste calendar to wrap the book cover, and some parents use the cloth cover. Why choose a product that not only consumes resources, but also may be potentially dangerous to children to protect books?

Source: Ask Beijing Responsible Editor: Xing Haibo_NBJS8850