Writing poems, cooking in the clouds and selling the stuff sold by netizens in this session are wonderful works.

 Writing poems, cooking in the clouds and selling the stuff sold by netizens in this session are wonderful works.

When you are still impressed by the sellers of the second-hand platform Qihuang, who are still exaggerating and drinking milk tea on behalf of others, some netizens have developed a new operation - selling art.

Help P map, make dark cuisine, pet show cards... At the same time, the netizens present eighteen kinds of martial arts, and seem to convey their new views on consumption: happiness can sometimes be bought, but the way may be quite different from what you imagine.

Will you buy these brainholes?

In the second-hand platform, in addition to the general operation of selling idle items, there are also a variety of commodities that you do not understand, and sellers with different styles that make you laugh.

For example, writing lyrics, oil poems and even talking and singing freestyles various literary heroes coincide with the commercial thinking of Lu Xiucai, who tries to make a fortune by writing family letters and love letters in Wulin Wai Zhuan.

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However, from the commodity information, many sellers do not make a living on this, and even some sellers said, You ask me to write, you see how much value to give, feel bad can not give money.

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Those who are accustomed to taking pictures for 1 minute and fixing pictures for 2 hours are also willing to realize their leisure hobbies. Just a few yuan, you can let your life pass through their hands, with a full network of Hong Fan.

Even if you buy DIY toys, or download hand games and have no energy to play, you can hire someone to do it for you. But whats the difference between paying people to play games?

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Cant do PPT? I help you!

No expression pack for chat? I will do!

Want to see dark cuisine? Im good at it! But I can only eat it. Look at it ___________.

Compared with the reward for ones skill, the products that flaunt I cant do anything seem to flaunt the courage of sellers. Many young people freed their mind of entertainment to death on the second-hand platform on the grounds of chatting and selling art. Among them, some commodities attract passers-by only by gimmicks, but do not charge fees.

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Xiaoji from Wuhan is looking for a job. He has plenty of leisure time. He sees an example of second-hand platform selling art on the internet. He is eager to try to open a shop, named Jieyou Grocery Shop. On the introduction, he wrote, Shopping! Rational analysis of the problems you encounter, no pricing, why happy life is the most important! The price of the goods was 0.99 yuan, but no one ordered them all the time.

The charge is a joke, Xiaoji said to Sino-Singapore Jingwei clients. Ill talk to people who come to ask me about it. Look at the price and give it a dime, but nobody has given it yet. Ha-ha. Xiaoji has received two orders in two days since she opened her shop. They are all young buyers who are facing various difficulties and want to talk to strangers. Xiaoji said that he talked with them for a day, and he treated buyers like friends.

Talking about the original intention of starting this business, Xiao Ji modestly expressed that he had no special skills. He liked to chat with others and solve their problems. While helping others, he would be happier and have a sense of achievement. Xiaoji said that his interest in opening a shop is the result of his lack of energy in the future, he will stop the business.

Can Cloud Suction Cat be realized?

In addition to their own abilities, animals can also provide services on second-hand platforms. In todays increasingly fierce cloud pet today, shovel shit officers have let their pets carry the banner of entertainment.

Sino-Singapore Jingwei Client clicked on a product called Orange Cat Thin and found that the kittens in this store are not merchandise, but the providers of services such as selling germination and signboarding. On the introductory page, the shopkeeper uploaded several pictures of kittens wearing rabbit ears, and wrote advertisements such as forced by life, selling on line, making small fish dry money.

The kitten is called fried rice. Its owner, Xiaomin, has graduated for two years and is currently working in the fashion industry. Like many young people, she usually uploads pictures of pets on platforms such as Little Red Book and Tremble. Recently, she has put her eyes on second-hand platforms.

Previously, little attention has been paid to other social applications, so its just for fun to try second-hand platforms. When asked about the delivery date of the billboard photo, Xiao Min said, When do you need it? I have to go back and say something to fried rice. It hasnt taken much care of me lately. It has to feed more dried fish.

Sino-Singapore Jingwei Client spent 10 yuan to take Xiaomins goods. The next morning, it received two photos and a video. The cat in the lens was in the same frame as the card with customized content. It was totally unaware that it had been endorsed.

Zhao Jiaran, New Zealand Jingwei, in a pet photo purchased on a second-hand platform

In addition to photos of fried rice, Xiaomins shop also sells photo services. Living in Xiamen, she likes photography. Consumers can spend 16 yuan to buy six photos taken by her. The content and theme can be customized. Xiao Min said that next she would go online to tell stories, chat and other commodities, as well as her usual hand-made earrings and other accessories.

If someone buys it, sell it. If nobody buys it, its a hobby. Anyway, its usually done. Xiao Min said that he just put the needs of sharing and social interaction on the second-hand platform, which is very Buddhist for making money.

New Consumption Trend: Spiritual Service Attracts More Attention

In the past, the exaggeration group that can be used for thousands of flattery, and in the latter, the online selling art that can make use of their leisure time or skills to solve the problems of strangers, the new generations consumption concept becomes more free, pluralistic and customized, while the younger generation pays more attention to their spiritual needs besides material needs. Spiritual service came into being at the historic moment.

After 1995, Mr. Zhang said that if he saw the items he was interested in on the e-commerce platform, he might consider buying them. Previous exaggerations are mostly for people to use, as long as there is market demand, the emergence of novel forms of consumption is very normal, even if it does not cost money, it can also bring entertainment effect, why not do it.

Ai Media Consulting has issued a research report that China is in the period of social transformation. The intensified market competition and social life changes make people generally bear greater mental pressure. High-quality emotional channel has become a common demand. According to the data, 87.5% of the respondents admitted that they were under great mental pressure and needed to talk. For the vast majority of netizens, the content they need to talk about is mostly the general emotional problems in daily life, and the degree is relatively light. There is no need to seek professional counselors or receive treatment. There is a strong market demand for the service to solve the mild emotional problems.

Fu Yifu, a senior researcher at Suning Institute of Finance, said in an interview with Sino-Singapore Jingwei that the younger generation of Internet aborigines are more curious and sensitive to various new formats and new things; at the same time, influenced by real problems such as houses, cars and tickets, some young people have inner feelings. Full of stress and anxiety. They are eager to vent pressure and relieve anxiety, to talk to others, and to be recognized by others, so they move their talents and appeals to the onlinelow-price saleto meet their inner needs. Fu Yifu analyzed.

Source of this article: Sino-New Zealand Editor Responsible for Longitudinal and Weft: Luo Chongwei_NB12082