India Determines the Location of Lunar Ship 2 Lander

 India Determines the Location of Lunar Ship 2 Lander

DATA FIGURE: At an education college in Mumbai, students walk past a large live screen of the landing of Moonboat 2.

In an interview with Indian media on the same day, Siwan said that the organization positioned the lander through an orbiter flying around the moon and obtained its thermal image. However, although the specific location of the lander can be determined, the actual operation status of the lander can not be grasped at this stage, and communication connection with the lander can not be established again.

Sources said that the Yuehuai 2 team is analyzing and investigating the relevant communication data and sensor data to find out the reasons for the sudden interruption of communication between landing vehicles.

After several delays, Indias second lunar probe, Lunar Ship 2, was launched on July 22 and entered lunar orbit on August 20. On September 2, the Lunar Ship 2 lander successfully separated from the orbiter and began to fly towards the lunar surface. The Lunar Ship 2 lander suddenly lost contact when it attempted a soft landing on the moons Antarctic in the early morning of July 7.