From Xiao Pang to Dong Ge Fan Zhendong: Leaders are not supposed to be able to act properly

 From Xiao Pang to Dong Ge Fan Zhendong: Leaders are not supposed to be able to act properly

Running forward desperately

Fan Zhendong left his hometown of Hunan at the age of 10 to study table tennis in Beijing. He can only go home once a year. In those years, he trained five or six hours a day, in addition to cultural lessons. In retrospect of the hardships at that time, Fan Zhendong thought that everything was worthwhile, because playing table tennis was his lifelong dream.

Fan Zhendong entered the Chinese National Youth Team in early 2012. Just entered the National Youth Team, coach Liu Guozhengs words gave him the power to break through: When you get into the first team, you always rush forward, while the main players are not familiar with you, where can you rush? So Fan Zhendong, who rushed forward desperately, ushered in a blowout in 2013: the runner-up singles in the National Games, the singles champion in the East Asian Games and the singles champion in Poland and Germany. Since then, Fan Zhendongs honor book has become thicker and thicker. By 2018, Fan Zhendong will be the first International Table Tennis Federation in the world with 16545 points. Fan Zhendong, a young man, has become the leader of Chinas national table tennis team. His teammates no longer call him Xiao Pang, but Dongge.

There was a period of confusion.

Fan Zhendong said that in fact, he also had a period of confusion. That was 2017. He lost to Malone in both the World Table Tennis Championships and the National Games Mens Singles Competition. Fan Zhendong couldnt figure out why he was overwhelmed by Malone when he was in good or bad condition. Fan Zhendong felt tied up. Because of the requirement of perfection, I want to play the game I imagine very much, which leads to people being depressed in the game and failing to really release myself.

Summarizing his experience in time, Fan Zhendong changed his mentality. I tried to untie myself and allow myself to make some stage mistakes in the competition. Of course, if you encounter difficulties, you should try to reverse them as soon as possible, and you must win the game in the end.

Fan Zhendong modestly said that the leading figure of Chinese table tennis is can not be said to be right. He has many shortcomings. He needs to step by step in the future. If you are not down-to-earth, you will surely fall behind. First, you will do your best. The rest of the things will go with the flow. At least you will live up to yourself by working hard.

Looking at Fan Zhendongs training, there are many contents and great intensity. Just one mornings training, Fan Zhendongs training clothes have been soaked. During training, he was also equipped with an instrument to measure his body index. Beyond talent, there is no doubt that athletes pay and sacrifice. Fan Zhendong is very honest, talent is only the cornerstone of becoming a top table tennis player.

Stick your own racket

In Chinas national table tennis team, Hongshuangxi products have a very high utilization rate, Fan Zhendong is no exception. Fan Zhendong said that his first contact with Hongshuangxi table tennis equipment was when he joined the Bayi Team in 2008, using Hongshuangxi set of glue.

In fact, Fan Zhendong is very critical of table tennis equipment. In his opinion, in top table tennis competitions, equipment has a vital impact on the playerson-the-spot performance. Fan Zhendong is currently using a red double-happy set of glue. He likes to play a harder sponge, which makes the ball spin stronger and more dangerous. So every competition, Hongshuangxis technicians almost have to cooperate with the service on the spot. For top table tennis players, sponge hardness difference of 0.5 degrees, will feel uncomfortable. Fan Zhendong laughs that its good to be the main player in the national team. Its not only the personal service of Hongshuangxi technicians, but also the sponge rubber of Hongshuangxi. Its really cool that you can get 40 yuan at once. However, Fan Zhendong said that he always sticks his own racket and boasts that he sticks well because the thickness of the glue layer on the floor sponge has to be mastered by himself, so that he feels good to play.

Bonus to Parents

Fan Zhendong has many fans because of his excellent performance. He is also gradually aware of his social responsibility as a star. Fan Zhendong said that fans are very enthusiastic and have many intimate actions, which makes him feel warm and more motivated to play. He will think that there are so many fans behind him who are eager to return them with better results. Fan Zhendong hopes to deliver more positive energy to his fans both on and off the pitch.

Compared with other athletes who are keen on TV programs and variety shows, Fan Zhendong said he would not consider it at present. He said that his main task at this stage is to improve his skills and tactics. For an athlete, performance is the first thing. He has to devote all his time to training.

Fan Zhendong won many championships early, and naturally won a lot of bonuses. So many people are concerned about how young Fan Zhendong handled the competition bonuses. Fan Zhendong told the story of his first bonus. His first prize was 4,000 yuan, but the prize was not won by playing table tennis, but by taking part in a TV question-answering activity when he was a child. Fan Zhendong handed in the bonus to his parents and asked them to dispose of the bonus. When asked what career he would choose if he didnt become an athlete, Fan Zhendong said that he liked reading very much after he finished college to find a job or pursue advanced studies.

Fan Zhendong is so mature on the court and off the court. The success of young and mature Fan Zhendong is not surprising. (Xinmin Evening News reporter Shen Qihua)

Source of this article: responsible editor of Xinmin Evening News: Cao Liemen_NS1806