A 10-year-old daughter who refused to do her homework was abandoned by her mother at the railway station

 A 10-year-old daughter who refused to do her homework was abandoned by her mother at the railway station

Two days ago, when the police of Cangnan Station were on patrol, they received an alarm from a staff member in front of the station. The worker led a little girl to the police and said that her mother had abandoned her in the Plaza of the Motion Station.

The police were amazed. How could a mother abandon her child?

The police then took the girl back to the police room and asked her about the situation.

The little girl said that she was 10 years old and her mother was Chen Mou. The little girl also provided her mothers mobile phone number, saying that her mother left her here and drove away by herself.

The police checked Chen Mous information, confirmed that Chen Mou was the mother of the little girl, and then dialed Chen Mous contact mode with his mobile phone.

Maybe it was a strange phone call, or did not hear it, until the third call, Chen answered the phone.

Your children are with us. Would you like to come over? Its too dangerous for the child to be left alone. The police said.

Chen Mou quickly arrived at the police office. After seeing the children, there was no consolation. Instead, they kept educating the little girl, which made the policemen quite strange.

The police learned about the situation to Chen Mou. It turned out that the little girl was always reluctant to do her homework, always procrastinating and disobedient. Chen Mou was angry and said that she would not want her. He pretended to throw her away and went home by himself. In fact, she did not leave the station, but just wanted to frighten her daughter.

After listening to Chen, the police carried out a critical education: Pretend to abandon the child, let alone say, the child was taken to the police here by the staff, the police took back to the police office for ten minutes, as the mother of the child has not found the child is not there, the station is also a public place where people come and go, if there are other accidents. What should I do?

Police told Chen that many parents could not help threatening to leave her and abandon her when their children did not obey. But the child does not know that you are pretending to be abandoned by her parents and that she will be helpless in a strange place. Its too late to regret an accident!

Chen Mou expressed regret for knowing that he was wrong.

Source: Liable Editor of Qianjiang Evening News: Luo Chongwei_NB12082