Head of circus: At present, most of the tigers are domesticated from Anhui Province.

 Head of circus: At present, most of the tigers are domesticated from Anhui Province.

At 2 p.m. on September 8, cover news exclusively interviewed Li Pengfei, the head of Guangyuan Circus and a famous acrobatic star in Sichuan.

It is understood that Li Pengfei used to organize circus performances successfully and often used tigers and lions to perform live for audiences in Chongzhou, Wenjiang, Shuangliu and other places in Chengdu.

Cover News: Can tigers participate in commercial performances? Is there any law?

Li Pengfei: At present, the state cultural administration has not banned the use of tigers and other animals in circus performances. In the past, only the use of endangered wild tigers was prohibited, but domesticated tigers could perform. The key problem is that before the performance, the circus must declare to the local cultural authorities in advance, and the circus can only be performed after the approval and consent of the government. If not approved, the circus can not use tigers and lions to publicly sell tickets for performances.

Cover News: Will the circus use wildlife?

Li Pengfei: At present, tigers and lions perform openly in circuses, which has a strong box office appeal. Especially tiger roll and high jump performances, the audience likes them very much. In our country, circuses usually use tigers, lions, monkeys and other animals to perform. In fact, they are not wild animals, but mostly domesticated animals. For example, in our circus, 100% of the performances of tigers, which are especially popular with the audience, are artificially domesticated successful tigers. Artificially domesticated tigers are gentle and do not harm people.

Cover News: How to Prevent Accidents?

Li Pengfei: In the performance, the trainer strictly guides the tiger performance according to the scientific method, and generally there will be no accident. In China, Anhui Province currently has the largest number of artificially domesticated tigers participating in circus performances. Some circus troupes in Anhui Province have rich experience in domesticating old-age tigers, and they have a high level of artistic performance in training old-age tigers. Most of our Sichuan circuses go to Anhui to buy tigers to perform in public. An artificially domesticated tiger who can perform in the air roll, high jump, drilling circle and so on. The price is between RMB 20,000 and RMB 30,000. In the past, our circus often used tigers to participate in performances, because we have strict tiger performance management measures, and there has never been a tiger escape incident.

The cause of death of a tiger escaped from a Henan circus to a zoo remains to be identified.

New progress has been made in the escaping tiger incident in Yuanyang. Today, on the morning of September 8, the reporter learned exclusively from Xinxiang Zoo that the captured escaping tiger had died when it was sent to the zoo. At present, the tiger body is stored in the zoo in cold storage. The specific cause of death needs further identification by the higher authorities.

Tigers escaped from the circus: Two people in charge of the unregistered performance were detained in prison on September 7. Relevant persons in charge of the Propaganda Department of Yuanyang County Committee in Xinxiang, Henan, told Peng Mei News that the tigers caught after escaping had been sent to Xinxiang City Zoo. Because the performance had not been filed, two people in charge of the circus involved had been criminally detained by the public security department.