Still Media: Disney has changed some toothpaste squeezing

 Still Media: Disney has changed some toothpaste squeezing

Recently, Shanghai Disney has created more unhappiness for the public in the public opinion than for the customers in the amusement park.

And this unpleasant can also be understood as a pun: first, it is not pleasant enough; second, the rate of cure of unpleasant is somewhat slow, the response is not pleasant, the treatment is not pleasant.

This is not the first time that Shanghai Disneyland relaxed, saying that it would be conditionally allowed to bring their own food, CCTV reporters found on-the-spot experience that the phenomenon of turning over bags still exists.

Obviously, the problem of whether to turn the bag or not is much more obvious and serious than that of whether to bring food or not. Shanghai Disneyland has made selective adjustments, fearing that it will avoid putting more emphasis on the less important, and will not be able to reach a genuine reconciliation with public opinion.

Shanghai Disney has made some adjustments from not allowing to bring food, to being able to bring it with itself, which is worthy of affirmation. But deep in our minds, we should not regard it as a concession, but as progress. Adhering to the direction of civilization, abiding by the law, respecting and serving consumers as much as possible is growth.

Faced with the opinions and suggestions given by public opinion, Shanghai Disney is still turning over passengers, or let some people disappointed. Without changing this major suspected violation of consumer rights, consumers may not be able to achieve complete calm.

In fact, there are many examples that Shanghai Disney can learn from. Paris Disney, for example, has banned tourists from bringing dangerous goods such as alcoholic drinks and glass bottled drinks into the park, while group picnics need to be conducted in specific areas outside the park; general diet is not required, let alone turning over packages. Relatively speaking, this civilization is much more reasonable.

Choose the good and follow it. Whether compared with similar public places or other public places, it is clear that problems can be solved by equipment, technology and scientific management, there is no need to use human inspection of privacy violations.

Previously, the Shanghai Disney Resort team has expressed its attitude that it will continue to explore new ways to further improve the security inspection process and service level. How to optimize the security inspection process, Shanghai Disneyland still needs to come up with practical measures.

There is no perfect service, no overnight rectification, but if a mistake is obvious, the most important thing to do is to stop immediately. Nevertheless, the obvious mistake of turning over the package which is suspected of violating privacy can no longer be continued.

Source: Luo Chongwei_NB12082, responsible editor of Beijing Newspaper