The old people who were accused of disturbing the people beat the police and kicked the police car

 The old people who were accused of disturbing the people beat the police and kicked the police car

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The old people who are accused of disturbing the people beat the policemen, kicked the police car, read the news (Source: Look at the news)

In late July of this year, near Banzhu Road, Qiuzhu Road, Jiading District, Shanghai, dozens of citizens pulled erhu, sang and danced in the evening, and were complained and alarmed by residents of nearby communities. Faced with the polices dissuasion, five of them even pushed and beat the police. Recently, the Jiading Procuratorate took compulsory measures.

More than 8 p.m. on July 28, residents of the community reported that dozens of people were playing, playing and singing near Banzhu Road, Qiuzhu Road, and playing music in public, affecting residentsrest. Police arrived at the scene and immediately dissuaded, but some of them did not accept it.

The police went to turn down the volume, but the people who played and sang continued to turn up the volume. After seeing that the persuasion was fruitless, the police decided to take several of them to the police station. At this point, some people began to become emotionally excited, claiming that they were singing without gathering to fight.

Seeing that oral summons are invalid, the police take compulsory summons. Civilian police and joint service officers are preparing to take one of the men into the police car, but he not only resists law enforcement, but also keeps kicking the door with his feet. Another man who pulled Erhu even beat the joint service members several times, and a woman suddenly beat the policemen on the head several times.

According to Chen Wei, procurator of the First Procuratorate Department of Jiading District Peoples Procuratorate, Shanghai Regulations on the Prevention and Control of Noise Pollution stipulate that it is not possible to use external speakers in noise-sensitive and concentrated areas.

Each of the five suspects who abused, beat and resisted law enforcement was suspected of obstructing their official duties. In view of their good attitude towards confession, they had no criminal record and their average age was over 67 years old. In the end, the procuratorate decided not to arrest them on conviction.

Source: Look at the responsible editor of news: Luo Chongwei_NB12082