Online red cat cafe closes shop netizens post there are cats in it shopkeeper: dont guess randomly

 Online red cat cafe closes shop netizens post there are cats in it shopkeeper: dont guess randomly

On August 20, an online red cat cafe in Chengdu closed down, leaving 78 cats, which aroused netizensworries. Cats havent been fed for more than ten days, will they starve to death? Netizens sought the help of animal protection agencies. Love Home intervened to find false stories. On September 8, Red Star journalists saw in the cat cafe shop that the cats in the shop had been transferred.

Can understand the netizens love cat mood, but please love cat rationally. C.E. Cat Cafe Advocate responded that his netizenssubjective assumptions caused him great trouble.

_Cats left behind

Netizens posted that the cat cafe was closed and the cat was still there.

The shopkeeper declared that the transfer was under way and that the transfer had been completed.

On September 4th, a piece named Seeing a cat cafe, it closed, but the cat is still in it... Will it starve to death?The photo shows a statement posted on the door of the cat cafe called C.E. It said that the store was temporarily closed because of rent, because too many cats could not be put in the house, and the cat was being positioned to gradually transfer as soon as possible.

Every day we feed cats and shovel urine to take care of cats. Now there are a lot of untrue remarks that spread very high. They say that we abuse cats or we run. They say that we dont feed cats for more than ten days. I hope you love cats rationally, dont believe rumors, dont come to feed cats without permission, let alone burst doors impulsively and destroy other peoples property. Thank you, too. Everybody cares. C.E. Cat Cafe said in a statement.

_Posting by Netizens

On September 8, the Red Star journalist came to the C.E Cat Cafe in Palm Tree South Street, Tongzilin, where most of the shops were closed with transfer or sublease notes. Reporters saw that the online announcement is still there, but the cats in the photos have all been transferred.

_Shopkeepers Statement

The shopkeeper responded:

Puzzled by false public opinion, the cat has been set up and will continue to open its shop.

The introduction of C.E Cat Cafe Shop shows that it opened on June 23, 2018. It is a simple INS style. It once ranked first in Chengdu Coffee Shop Evaluation List, and it is a real net red shop.

The Red Star journalist contacted Mr. Advocate of Cat Cafe Store. He said that the false comments on the Internet had caused him great trouble. This matter has passed, and he would not like to talk more about it. He briefly introduced a few words.

On August 20, the coffee shop closed. A few days later, he learned from Weixin group and friends that there were some photos and videos in the group that said the owner of the coffee shop was running.

_The closed Cat Cafe

It has been more than ten days since we abandoned cats and abused them. In the videos, the cat hid under the bench to sleep and said that the cat was crushed to death. Mr. Zhang said that when he first saw these remarks, he was very angry and felt that he had been slandered. Instead, he thought, Are netizens concerned about cats, or are quite moved, just dont make the worst plan for everything and make some subjective guesses?

Mr. Zhang said that there were more than a dozen cats in the cafe before, and seven or eight cats were left when the cafe closed. A few days later, a lot of untrue remarks suddenly appeared on the Internet. Animal protection organizations were also found to come to investigate, and after the investigation by the animal protection organizations, nothing happened.

_The closed Cat Cafe

In fact, we feed cats every day, once at 12 noon, once at 6 or 7 p.m., and even in the videos we shoot, it is clear that there is cat food and water, and we are abusing cats. Mr. Zhang said that some netizens are enthusiastic, but others are rumors more like broadcasting concern. We didnt close the store for more than 10 days, so we said we hadnt fed the cat for more than 10 days.

Mr. Zhang said that at first, considering that cats did not like frequent environmental changes, he planned to move slowly, but after the incident, he turned most of the remaining cats away on the same day and posted a notice, leaving two cats.

Because there is no way to resettle them, two days after the announcement was posted, the two were also resettled. Mr. Zhang said that the coffee shop would continue to open, but no suitable location had been found. Some of the cats were raised by friends, some by themselves, and some by adoption.

_The closed Cat Cafe

The rescue center called the police for rescuing cats

Head of Love Home: False information, a misunderstanding

Ms. Chen, the director of the Animal Aid Center of Love House, said that a few days ago someone sent her a message that a coffee shop ran and left the cat behind.

In a situation like this, we must go to the rescue. Ms. Chen said that the volunteers went to the coffee shop and alerted the police station. They asked the police to help them open the door for rescue. They planned to bring the cat back to the base. At this time, the owner of the coffee shop came.

Cats are not left unattended, they are fed every day, but because the new place has not been decorated, they are moved away when they are ready. Ms. Chen said that the explosion came from passers-by. Passers-by did not know the real situation, but when they saw that no one else had so many cats, they thought the store collapsed and the cats were abandoned. Its not true, its a misunderstanding. If the cat was hungry for more than ten days, it would have stopped breathing. She said it was not true and that it was inconvenient for Love House to provide photographs of the participants at that time.

Source: Red Star News Responsible Editor: Luo Chongwei_NB12082