Her husband, who had been married for seven years, was abruptly taken away by the police before she knew her true identity.

 Her husband, who had been married for seven years, was abruptly taken away by the police before she knew her true identity.

Tian Yi (alias) has been married to his husband He Er (alias) for seven years. He registered in May 2013 and has two sons. Life is also a happy one.

It is impossible to imagine that in June this year, his husband He Er was taken away by the public security. Tian Yi knew that his husband was not called He Er, but Yu San (a pseudonym)!

It also dates back to 2007, when Yu San and his master were the operators of an integrated circuit company in Hangzhou. Master because of lack of money to move evil ideas, pulling the remaining three together to play the companys thermocouple idea (thermocouple contains platinum wire, a unit price of more than 30,000 yuan). From 2007 to 2008, Yu Sangang and his master stole 10 thermocouples, totaling RMB 346120, and took out the wires and sold them to others for profit.

It soon became clear that Master was captured in February 2008 and sentenced in the same year. The remaining three escaped and were listed as fugitives by the public security organs.

When Yu San fled, he became He Er. Originally, the other three and the other two are fellow townsmen. One day, the other three found his employment registration certificate on the table while eating at his home. They took advantage of nobodys attention and walked along. Then in 2009, they went to the place where the household registration was based on the registration certificate and succeeded. In this way, the remaining three became He 2, and the change took 10 years. In 13 years, the remaining three were married, and within a few years, both children were born. Although the days seemed to be full, Yu San was still afraid to confess to his wife, to go home for the New Year, and to appear in the circle of the real Yu San before...

Relying on the renewal and development of face recognition technology, Shanxi public security captured Yu San in Beijing in June 2019. On September 5 this year, the Hangjing Court opened a hearing and delivered a verdict in court. The remaining three have no objections to the facts of the charges, charges and sentencing proposals, nor in the course of the trial.

The court held that the fact that the public prosecution charged the remaining three criminals with theft was clear, the evidence was solid and sufficient, and the charges were convicted. The defendant confesses the facts of the crime truthfully and voluntarily confesses his guilt and punishment at the stage of examination and prosecution. The verdict is as follows: The defendant, Yu San, commits theft, is sentenced to seven years and six monthsimprisonment, and fined RMB 20,000 yuan; the defendant is ordered to pay back the economic losses of the victim unit, Hangzhou Integrated Circuit Co., Ltd.

Source: Liable Editor of Qianjiang Evening News: Luo Chongwei_NB12082