Employees buy 7 days for their holidays at a clear price of 200 yuan.

 Employees buy 7 days for their holidays at a clear price of 200 yuan.

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Sick leave is a normal thing, but some workers do not want to go to work and want to get wages, so they use a skewed mind on sick leave, which has become a way of making money for illegal elements.

A reporter from the Legal Daily recently learned from the Huai-Shun Branch of Huainan Public Security Bureau of Anhui Province that the Bureau has cracked a case of extraordinarily large forged seal certificates, arrested two suspects and seized more than 1,000 forged seals and certificates of various kinds. They forged and sold false medical record certificates. They not only provided hospital medical records and disease certificates, but also provided drug lists, inspection reports, hospitalization procedures and so on.

For 200 yuan, you can buy 7 days sick leave and 4,500 yuan for 1 month. The news is popular in some local enterprises.

Employees Purchase Leave Medical Records for Leave

Since March this year, a coal mining enterprise in Huainan City has encountered a strange thing: the number of workers taking sick leave has suddenly become more and more.

Although these employees provided the medical records, sick leave slips or leave certificates stamped with official seals in County hospitals, the human resources department has learned that some employees are not sick at all. According to the provisions of the unit, employees can enjoy full wages during sick leave, which is doubtful.

At the beginning of June, coal mining enterprises alerted Dingguan Police Station of Huainan Public Security Bureau Huaishun Branch. In order to be prudent, the police of the police station collected a complete set of certificates of recent sick leave workers, and then made field visits to the departments of Fengtai Peoples Hospital and Huainan First Peoples Hospital. It was found that the medical records, official seals and sick leave certificates of several employees were forged.

In the face of factual evidence, several sick leave workers admitted to the police that they did not want to go to work, but wanted to get full wages, they spent money to buy a false medical record certificate. Seller is a 50-year-old man, nicknamed Tiger Brother, who gets in touch with small illegal advertisements posted on the street.

False medical records are divided into big set and small set. The price of big package is 400 to 600 yuan, and the whole set of forgery includes medical records, inspection reports, hospitalization procedures, disease certificates or vacation certificates of major hospitals with official seals. The sick leave period is about one month; the price of small package is 200 yuan, and the sick leave period is about 7 days. It is not in hospital, but it is necessary to forge the sick leave slips and drug lists with official seals of hospitals.

When the two sides added Wechat, the employees sent their own medical insurance card and unit information to Wang Mou, and then made specific requests to negotiate the transaction price. If the workers really cant think of what disease they are suffering from, Tiger will provide professional services intimately and fabricate various causes for the workers. When the forged proof material is ready, the two sides agree on a place to pay for the delivery of the goods by hand.

The routine of buying and selling false medical records is clearly understood by the police.

Squatting to guard the spot of occasional exposure counterfeiting

With the deepening of the investigation, the police found that the surrounding factories and mining enterprises, there are also employees to purchase false medical records certification. In view of the serious case, Dingguan police station immediately reported to Huaishun Public Security Bureau. The Bureau then mobilized the capable police force to form a special team to carry out the investigation work in an all-round way.

Wang Mou, a resident of Maoji Town in Huainan City, was designated as Huge by the police. But soon found that Wang Mou does not have the ability to forge seals, he must also hide behind the master. Police found that Mu Mou, a resident of Xinji Town in Huainan City, had frequent contacts with Wang Mou, who was sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment in 2014 for forging seals of companies, enterprises, institutions and peoples teams. Many evidences show that the false medical records obtained by those workers are from Mu Mou.

Mu Mou is a very cautious person, although we have been trying to lock in the false nest, but Mu Mou will forge a good medical record certificate to Wang Mou, never in a fixed place, but random agreement at a certain intersection or street. Police said.

The project team learned that Mumou has two residences, one in Fengtai County, with a clear address, and the other in a new town home district with an unknown door number. Civilian police combined with Mumous trajectory inference, it is possible to hide Mumous studio in the residential area, so they began uninterrupted secret investigation.

On July 26, the policemen squatted on time in their home district and unintentionally saw a small advertisement for sick leave on a tree. While watching the small advertisement, a woman came by on a battery car, who was Mumous ex-wife. The police followed Mumous ex-wife all the way into a building until they heard the sound of the anti-theft door closing upstairs and then quietly retreated.

Room 505, Unit 2 of this building, is Mumous fake nest.

Interception of Transaction Information by Internet Receiving Action

On 31 July, the Task Force decided to implement the networking operation. The police ordered a large set of medical records from Wang Mou in advance and agreed to meet the next day on Nanhu Avenue, Huaihe Second Bridge, Fengtai County.

At 10 a.m., police ambushed near Nanhu Avenue, and Wang drove to the appointment. After the police stopped Wang Mous off-road vehicle, they caught it on the spot. Coincidentally, when the police picked up Wang Mous mobile phone, they found Mu Mou was leaving a message to Wang Mou in a micro-letter: The certificate is ready, when can I get it?

The policeman responded decisively, Go now, where is it? Mumou responded, North Gate of Home District.

The police rushed to the spot and captured Mumou. Subsequently, in a wooden counterfeit nest, the police seized more than 500 forged seals of various state organs, enterprises and institutions, more than 400 impressions, more than 800 medical documents, more than 2000 blank certificates such as household registration books, graduation certificates, drivers licenses and shells, and 1 printer and 1 photosensitive seal engraver.

After interrogation, Wang and Mu truthfully confessed the criminal facts of forging the seals of companies, enterprises, institutions and peoples teams. Originally, these two people are old acquaintances. Mu Mou once opened a wedding shop in the street. Wang Mou often went to copy materials. He had heard about Mu Mous forgery of seals and certificates. Driven by the interests, Wang found Mumou and agreed to share the profits. Wang posted small advertisements for medical insurance card cash and sick leave, and was responsible for receiving bills and receipts. Mumou forged relevant seals and certificates after receiving Wangs notification. Since 2019, they have made more than 200,000 yuan illegally.

At present, Wang Mou and Mu Mou have been detained by the police according to law, and the case is being further processed.

Source: Liable Editor of Legal Daily: Luo Chongwei_NB12082