Microsoft President: Trumps approach to Huawei is not American at all.

 Microsoft President: Trumps approach to Huawei is not American at all.

On September 8, Brad Smit, Microsofts president and chief legal adviser, told Bloomberg that the way the government treats Huawei is not at all un-American, and that such measures should not be taken without solid facts, logic and legal provisions.

In his view, Huawei should be allowed to buy American technology and products, including Microsofts.

Smith said that when Microsoft asked U.S. regulators for an explanation, the response was usually OK, if you know the information we have, you will agree with it. Microsoft responded, Well, lets see what you know so that we can make our own decisions. Thats the way the United States does things.

Smith also cited the hotel industry as an example, saying that Trump should make it clear that telling a technology company that you can sell products but not buy operating systems or chips is like telling a hotel company that you can open doors, but you cant put beds in guest rooms or food in restaurants.

Anyway, youre putting the companys survival in jeopardy.

Brad Smith Photo Source: Bloomberg

He feared that broader and stricter restrictions were coming. Bloomberg also said that the U.S. Department of Commerce is considering imposing new restrictions on Microsofts new technology exports, including artificial intelligence and quantum computing.

On Huawei, Forbes said that the US governments blockade of Huawei had once shown signs of loosening, but since then it has reached a deadlock, with no one of the more than 100 suppliers applying for permission having been approved.

But as Huawei is about to launch its first smartphone without American technology, the US giants that dominate the technology industry are worried about a technological split. This split is a huge risk for American giants, Smith warned, If you cant bring your technology to the world, you cant be a global technology leader.

In August this year, Huawei released photos of Hongmeng OS operating system:

Forbes believes that technology giants in the United States, including Microsoft, have invested billions of dollars to maintain their market leadership, and that the United States itself has benefited from the global technology standards that control so many areas. If there is a technological split, it will undoubtedly be worse for the giants.

Smith said: The only way to manage globalization technology is to enable governments to truly cooperate with each other.

In August this year, Huawei released its own Hongmeng OS system for its global developer conference. Yu Chengdong, CEO of its consumer business, announced that if Android is not available, Hongmeng is ready to use it.

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