Absolute Hard Core Olympic Fighting: Evaluation of Tokyo Olympics 2020

 Absolute Hard Core Olympic Fighting: Evaluation of Tokyo Olympics 2020

But interestingly, unlike the Tokyo governments attempt to ACG this Olympic Games, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics was created by Shijia. Although it looks like another cheap 4399 with a low threshold, the actual game experience is fully supported by simple but not simple picture expression. Put into the hard core of the Olympic chaos one after another.

The threshold of the Olympic Games can not be touched by anyone, but in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the game adopts the real person image + nationality choice, which will undoubtedly arouse the enthusiasm of players to win glory for the country in the game, although in most cases you are only fighting with friends around you.

The sense of competition and intensity of the game have been restored very well.

Although from the overall project composition and sense of operation, Tokyo Olympics 2020 provides a game in the process and rhythm will indeed give people a 4399 feeling, but in order to allow players to better experience the real state of participation in the Olympic Games, Sega apparently screened and optimized the Olympic Games large and small projects. u3002 As a result, the sports that players can play in Tokyo Olympics 2020 have been reduced to 16 items, including 100-metre flying, 110-metre hurdles, 200-metre medley, long jump, beach volleyball, tennis, tennis, baseball, basketball and football.

Restoration of site details is no different from that of real venues.

In fact, apart from the simplicity of football and basketball, the other events offered in the Tokyo Olympics 2020 are really a bit like figures. Especially the real characters and the simulated venues can really provide you with a feeling of being on the spot, and the competitions are relatively easy to handle. Sure, it also makes it easy for the game to become a work of games between friends or at parties.

Table tennis matches are always full of middle and second breath

On the other hand, it is also a very interesting thing to be able to teach the real Olympic champion on the field. In particular, the game also provides a lot of special effects for powerful characters or players to trigger special skills, making people feel that there are more than two of them, but more fun to experience is also overflowing. For example, in the course of participating in the tennis match, I think of the famous scenes of the match between Chinese and Japanese players broadcast by Japanese TV station. This interesting content and emotional linkage are very interesting.

As an important work in Shijias linkage plan with the Tokyo Olympic Games, we can see Shijias painstaking efforts in creating the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games and the difficulty of making a sports game. The so-called public voice is difficult to adjust, a little carelessness is likely to make all players pay the bill. Because these games not only pursue entertainment and fun, but also have many details to polish.

There are also many ways to play QTE to test your responsiveness.

From the playable project, we can easily see that Sega intentionally or unintentionally selected playersoptions; from the operational level, we can also see that Sega made some targeted adjustments. When players are in the game, most of the time, they only need to operate through the rocker, or trigger the release of special skills through the QTE system, such as the energy run-up in the start phase of sprint events. So what really makes players love and hate in the game is the design that relies heavily on the rocker to complete the action.

Sino-Japanese Soldier Tennis Match is also a big point of view in Tokyo Olympic Games

In addition to competing with friends, you may also compete with well-known players.

The most important way for players to tune up is in addition to the relatively chaotic way of operation. The local multi player mode of support is only a little more than 2 people.

Not to mention that most of the playersPS4 hosts may only have two handles, but for Switch itself, which is focused on the party effect, its not enough to say that the Olympics, which is a multi-player competition, actually supports only two local fighters. Although you can also say that I can win glory for my country through the Multiplayer Internet mode in the game, the ultimate meaning of games like Tokyo Olympics 2020 is not to defeat my friends in competitions and competitions?

Like many kinds of 4399 games, Tokyo Olympics 2020 asks yourself a sentence before and after you buy the game: Is it worth it?

From the point of view that you like party games and are interested in sports games, the presentation of game content and the design of play methods in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will still make you feel that the production of the game is distracted. Additionally, there are many playable projects and new projects will be updated by DLC in the later stage, which is enough to meet the needs of ordinary players in daily games or interaction with friends. Moreover, the online model of winning glory for the country can make a good impression in the early stage of contacting the book.

Of course, for the vast majority of players, the local support only two local online combat design, for a party game is a hard wound. For the same period of competition at 300 yuan, the content of this book is also deficient.

However, the quality of the game itself in the works listed in the Olympic Games is also good, especially in the picture and content of the game compared to the previous milk powder has been significantly upgraded, which is also worth sports game enthusiasts or gathering game collectors to buy try. If there is no shortage of games in the near future, it would be a good choice to wait for a discount on the digital version of this book or to start using second-hand cassettes. Anyway, the time is still early in 2020.