Every time Xiaowei loses Megan, the fans are angry: Decay! You are not worthy to be a girlfriend.

 Every time Xiaowei loses Megan, the fans are angry: Decay! You are not worthy to be a girlfriend.

From the Wimbledon final defeat of Cobel in 2018 to the defeat of Halepp in the same Championship a year later, to the defeat of Anderscu today, Princess Megan has become the audience of Xiaoweis loss of the championship without exception.

Some netizens wrote, Dear Megan Markel, please stop watching Serenas finals. You are too old to be her girlfriend and fan. Some netizens also said: Princess Megan, although I love you very much, but you are really too weak, Xiaowei because you have not lost enough?

Prior to that, Princess Megan had watched Williams game many times at Wimbledon in London. But the last time she appeared in the stands of the US Open was in 2016, when her love affair with Prince Harry had not yet made the headlines, and now Megan has given birth to a little prince.

But Megan did not go with Prince Harry in the US Open final. According to British media, Megan refused the invitation of Queen Elizabeth II, Grandmother Harry, and did not go to the Queens Summer Palace in Balmoral, Scotland. Megan had originally refused to go until his brother William and Kate left the Summer Palace, but in fact Megan was flying to the United States to watch the Xiaowei game.

Harrys long-standing advocacy of environmental protection was ruined by four private jet trips with Prince Harry in 11 days last month. This time Megan converged a lot and took a general civil aircraft to New York. Although not accompanied by Prince Harry and their four-month-old son, Megan will be accompanied by Royal staff.

Now, after all kinds of dangers Megan finally liked Xiaowei to play, but the name of God of Despair still made the princesss trip to New York hard to please.

Source: Netease Sports Author: Ben Boerba Editor Responsible: Liu Jie_NS6529