The man drinks fragments and tracks the police car for half an hour

 The man drinks fragments and tracks the police car for half an hour

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Fragments! Drunk driving men follow the police car all the way (Source: Modern Express)

In the early morning of September 3, near Zhuxi Yuan District, Liyang, a private car has been following the patrol car of the police station for more than half an hour. Is it tracking the police car? Or patrol with a police car? When the police found the driver of the private car, the driver was drunk! The driver said that he was completely fragmented and did not remember how he drove on the road or how he patrolled with the police car.

White private cars follow police cars all the way

Modern Express reporter learned from Liyang Zhuzhuang Traffic Police Squadron that at about 0.30 a.m. on September 3, the patrol policeman of Zhuzhuang Police Station called the traffic police squadron and said that a car was parked at the entrance of Zhuxiyuan District. It was suspicious and might be suspected of drunk driving. Pan Guohua, Deputy squadron leader, rushed to the scene and saw the white private car still starting. The driver was sleeping soundly with his feet on the steering wheel. The policemen kept knocking around the window for five minutes. Then the driver woke up slowly, with a confused face and even thought he was in Yixings home.

The driver of the private car fell asleep in the car.

The police station patrol police said that the private car had been following the police station patrol car since about 23:30 p.m. on September 2 and was driving slowly. We thought, whats the matter with this car? Is it tracking police cars or helping them patrol together? The patrol policemen saw what happened to the private car, then speeded up and turned back. When the patrol car returned to Zhuxi Yuan District for patrol, it saw the white private car parked on the roadside and the driver sleeping in the car. The first intuition was that the driver was suspected of drunk driving.

Traffic police investigate drivers

Captain Pan conducted a breath alcohol test on private car driver Wang Mou at the scene. The result showed that it was 2001mg/100ml, which was far beyond the standard of drunk driving. Wang Mou, who was slightly sober, explained that in his memory of the evening of September 2, he only remembered having a party with friends and drinking a lot of wine. Knowing that he didnt drink and drive, he walked home and his car was brought back to the neighborhood by his friends.

Around 11 oclock in the evening, he wanted to buy a pack of cigarettes. He drove out somehow. As a result, many tobacco shops on the street closed, and he drove aimlessly on the street. This process was fragmented. He estimated that he was driving along with the front car subconsciously, but did not notice that it was a patrol police car. Coincidentally, on September 5, traffic policemen in the New North District of Changzhou also found a drunk driver sleeping in his car.

It is reported that at about 7:00 a.m. on September 5, Jia Jiajia, a police officer working in Mitsui Squadron, found a car parked illegally in a non-motorized lane at the West elevated ramp of Longcheng Avenue and a man sleeping in the drivers seat.

According to a survey, the driver, Zhang Mou, drank with his friends the night before and drove to Longcheng Avenue at 4 a.m. on the 5th, but he was still drunk and drowned in the car because he was unconscious. Zhang Mou was tested for breathing alcohol at the scene of traffic police. The result was 58 mg/100ml. At present, two men suspected of drunk driving and drunk driving are punished by traffic police according to law. (Police photo)

Source: Responsible Editor of Modern Express: Luo Chongwei_NB12082