Theres a crack in the corner of Wall Street copper bull! U.S. stock bull market also needs to crack?

 Theres a crack in the corner of Wall Street copper bull! U.S. stock bull market also needs to crack?


Wall Street mascot injured

At present, it is not clear what Wallace said when he rammed into the popular bronze statue. The bulls right corner has been markedly cracked.

Has been protected by the police

Some netizens reported that during the Wall Street demonstration on September 17, 2011, the New York police were like enemies. They surrounded the bullock regiment for fear of damaging the fish in the pond.

The bronze bull statue on Wall Street has always been one of the most important symbols of American capitalism and one of the attractions that foreign tourists must visit. Designed by Italian artist Dimodica, the statue is nearly 5 meters long and weighs 6,300 kilograms. Countless tourists are willing to take pictures with the copper bull and pet its horns for good luck.

Dimodica was inspired by the crash of the New York Stock Market in 1987. He said: When I saw someone lose everything, I felt very sad, so I began to create a beautiful work of art for young Americans. To raise money, he sold part of his ancestral farm in Sicily, raising a total of $360,000. One midnight in 1989, outside the New York Stock Exchange, he erected the later world-famous statue of a copper bull, claiming it to be a symbol of American strength and courage.

At that time, he smuggled the cattle to the Wall Street Stock Exchange and placed them under a huge Christmas tree. He looked forward to the next mornings miracle. Early the next morning, he ran to the stock exchange. Sure enough, his copper bull was surrounded by reporters and police. There was no bull outside. Such a scene makes the already narrow streets more crowded. The more bullish New York City government, in a fury, demanded that Modica pull the bull away.

Earlier, Wall Street Copper Bulls had suffered damage, but not as serious as they are now. On September 14, 2017, a copper bull was painted on Wall Street in New York, USA. Facebook shows that campaigns have been launched to encourage supporters of the Paris Accord to draw blue lines in public to protest.

Has been stolen by fearless girls

According to Xinhua News Agency, on March 15, 2017, local time, a bronze statue named Fearless Girl became a new attraction for people to take photos on Wall Street in New York, USA. The bronze statue was erected on March 8 that year. The girl faced the famous Wall Street copper bull with her hands on her waist.

We are not asking for a ban on this sculpture. Gender equality is a very serious and important issue. Today everyone here does not support gender equality, but what we want to emphasize today is copyright and trademark issues.

The Fearless Girl sculpture was created by the sculptor Visbal. On International Womens Labor Day, the sculpture was moved to Wall Street, opposite to the bull on Wall Street. Dimodica said at the time that the fearless girl was an advertising trick of the advertising company.

This fearless girl has been widely sought after. Fans see the statue as a symbol of equal rights. When the fearless girl stares at the bull, they add clothes to her because of bad weather, and imitate her posture, chest forward, chin high, standing beside her to take pictures. The city of New York said security risks to the crowded crowd around the statue were a factor in the move.

On Dec. 10, 2018, the statue of the fearless girl who confronted the Wall Street copper bull for more than a year was moved to the front of the New York Stock Exchange. The New York City government said the bronze bull statue would also be moved to the new site for transportation and safety reasons. However, the aforementioned incident happened before moving.

Copper bull, bull market?

Two incidents in 2017 did not affect Wall Streets stock market, when the Dow was in the ascendant channel. The biggest dependence of the stock market is still the fundamentals, and the biggest variable affecting the market is expectation.

Wall Street Copper Bull is the symbol of strength and courage, which means that as long as Copper Bull exists, the stock market can maintain the bull market forever. Up to now, in this technologically advanced society, there are still many people who fantasize about being sheltered by the Copper Bull.

Many financial centers and stock markets in the world still follow suit and sculpt a copper bull. Moreover, there are many innovative works in imitation. These new statues of copper bulls are also amorous feelings of thousands of bells, there are Mercedes-Benz, some look up to the sky, some are arrogant things. They carry the masters dream and convey his wishes. In peoples imagination, retain the copper bull, that is, retain wealth. So some people also chained the copper bull, hoping that it would stay here forever and be loyal to its master.

Whether the copper bull is effective or not, for the time being, the producer of the copper bull is really thriving. Buying and selling copper bulls seems to have become an industry. The price of copper bulls is soaring. Like its connotation, bullish spirit is soaring.