US Defense Ministers visit to Europe highlights the threat of China and Russia urging European allies to buy US weapons

 US Defense Ministers visit to Europe highlights the threat of China and Russia urging European allies to buy US weapons

Reference News Network reported on September 8 that US Defense Secretary Esper had recently made a speech in Britain saying that Russia and China intended to disrupt the international order and Moscow disregard international norms. Experts point out that Esper made such a statement during his visit to Europe in order to urge European allies to actively buy American weapons.

According to a report on the website of Russia Today on September 6, US Defense Secretary Esper said that the United States should maintain the world it has built in recent decades. Experts believe that this refers to the dominance of the United States on the world stage. Experts also believe that the U.S. Defense Secretary is also trying to use the Russian threat to get more money for his department.

Esper said: Russia and China want to destroy the international order and get the opportunity to exercise veto power in solving other countrieseconomic, diplomatic and security issues. Its becoming more and more obvious.

It is reported that Esper is currently on a trip to Europe. He has visited Germany, then went to Britain, and then France.

He mentioned Russias ability to invade its neighbours. Russias actions in Syria also pose a threat. In short, Russias foreign policy will continue to ignore international norms, he said. As to the basis for his worries, Esper did not explain.

Reported that the new version of the U.S. National Security Strategy Report was issued in December 2017, which regards Russia and China as the main threats of the United States. I think the biggest problem for the United States right now is North Korea, Esper said. If we look to 2025-2035, it will be Russia. But from 2035 onwards, our biggest challenge will undoubtedly be China.

Yuri Rogurev, director of the Roosevelt American Research Foundation at Moscow University, is convinced that Espers statement during his visit to Europe was not accidental. He tried to align his remarks with the Presidents position, urging European allies to actively buy American weapons, he said.

Experts also noted Espers statement that the United States intends to defend the world, the report said. According to political scientist Mikhail Sinelinikov-Orishak, this involves Washingtons dominance in international politics. Its better for the United States to keep things as they are. Because today it dominates international politics, and once the United States ceases to govern, it will become another country. In the opinion of the expert, Esper may therefore wish to increase the Pentagons allocation.

Rogurev pointed out that Esper, who became Secretary of Defense in July this year, belonged to the hawks in American politics.

Source: Responsible Editor of Reference Message Network: Xing Haibo_NBJS8850