Mazu Meizhou first took an EMU Tour an to buy a real-name ticket formerly known as Linmer

 Mazu Meizhou first took an EMU Tour an to buy a real-name ticket formerly known as Linmer

Mazu, formerly known as Linmo, was a woman on the coast of Fujian Province in the Northern Song Dynasty. She was eager to help the poor and rescue the shipwreck. After her death, Mazu was worshipped in a temple on Meizhou Island by her relatives. For thousands of years, she was honored as the goddess of the sea to protect peace by Chinese at home and abroad.

There are many Taiwanese businessmen and Taiwanese in southern Jiangsu and Shanghai. During the event, there will be rich and colorful Mazu cultural activities, such as patrol around Anbufu, Mazu Festival, morning prayers, non-relics exhibition, literary and artistic festivals, tourism promotion, photo exhibition, friendship talks and so on.

Mazu Meizhou flew to Singapore and Malaysia in 2017, and Mazu Meizhou cruised to the Philippines in 2018. This time, Mazu Meizhou first traveled to Suhubufu by motor vehicle.

At the beginning of the founding of the Peoples Republic of China, Fujian Province, which had eight mountains, one water and one field, had ground without armour. After Yingxia Railway was opened in 1957, Fujian Province had its first railway passage out of the province.

In recent years, Fujians transportation infrastructure construction has pushed down the Fast Forward Key, and Wenfu, Hefu, Longxia, Nanlong and other fast railway corridors have been built one after another, crisscrossing. In just over ten years, Fujian has jumped from more than 500 kilometers to 1570 kilometers in the operation of high-speed railways and railways, becoming the first province in the mainland to connect cities and cities with high-speed railways. Fujian, located in a corner, is gradually becoming a transportation hub along the Southeast coast.