After 90s, grass-roots workers need to take mobile phone on duty when they take a bath: they are nervous when they hear the ringing tone

 After 90s, grass-roots workers need to take mobile phone on duty when they take a bath: they are nervous when they hear the ringing tone

They live and eat together on weekdays. They work and live in the Party and Government Building of Tazhuang Town. This kind of boarding mode of work is also the normal state of township workers.

So, what is their working life like? This observation, based on the post-90s grass-roots officers in Tazhuang Town, may be regarded as a microcosm of the group state.

Stable Career Optimum Selection for Grass-roots Organizational Work

When asked about the original intention of grassroots work, different people have different answers, but there are also some resonances.

I graduated from the Department of Government Management. I was thinking about professional counterparts and could apply what I learned, so I came. Xie Chen Ting, born in 1992, joined the community service program for college graduates in Fujian Province, and finally came to Fujian and Qing counties under the jurisdiction of Fuzhou.

There are not a few people like Xie Chen Ting who have participated in the service of grass-roots units after graduation. There are two young people in Tazhuang Town under the three supports and one support program. In addition to hoping to improve their abilities through grass-roots training, they also value the governments preferential policies for the reemployment of three supports and one support personnel. Huang Zhiwei, who has completed two years of service, continues to work in Tazhuang Town while preparing for the civil service examination.

In the view of some post-90s generation, grass-roots editorial work is a stable career preference, and is not limited to the major they study.

Zhang Chenming originally studied civil engineering. After he was admitted to the civil service in 2017, he changed from an engineering student to a party and government official in charge of all kinds of civil affairs. College internship work on the construction site, high risk and vagrancy, while the civil service work is relatively stable, my family also hope that I will become a civil servant.

Among these post-90s grassroots workers, there are also many young people returning home for employment.

Huang Shizhen became a college student village official after graduating from undergraduate course, and then he was admitted to Tazhuang Town as a civil servant. My house is right here. If you go out to work, you have to solve many problems, such as housing. And parents are old and need to be taken care of. In fact, everyone wants to go home units, I have achieved the goal ahead of schedule.

This is the true words of the returning youth. Family members are their greatest concern. Home building is also their responsibility and ambition.

The youngest Huang Huizhi is the post-90s who are the most grounded among them. When he took the journalist to the countryside, he treasured every brick, tile, grass and tree. The young man, who was under 22 years old, had been an artillery soldier and returned to his hometown because of special circumstances. He participated in the basic militia and was hired to work in the town government because of his outstanding performance.

You have to bring your cell phone on duty into the bathroom when you take a bath.

The work of grass-roots units in villages and towns is a great challenge to the post-90s generation.

In this party building, they work downstairs and live upstairs. Apart from punching cards at each time node, they have almost no concept of commuting. When it comes to on-duty experience, everyone will mention a close partner - on-duty mobile phone.

Duty cell phone is connected to the landline of the Party and Government Office. It needs to be answered 24 hours in time to receive the task or emergency notification from superiors. I take it into the bathroom when I take a bath. With it, I can wake up naturally without an alarm clock in the morning. Now Im nervous when I hear the same ring tone as my cell phone on duty.

When we came to the grass-roots level, we found that the work of the Party and government departments was quite different from what I had originally envisaged, Xie Chen Ting told reporters. We dont have a clear division of labor like the county-level units. Everyone has several jobs.

From astringency to adaptation and then to proficiency, the grass-roots level is the best place to exercise people. Almost all the grass-roots youth who have been working in villages and towns for more than two years can tell examples that make them feel quite successful.

Cai Liling, who has been working in Tazhuang for four years, said that she found it meaningful to see herself sending a group of young volunteers into the army every year. She had experienced the flood of July 9, 2016 in Fujian and Qing Dynasties. She turned out the photos in her mobile phone and recalled the scene of carrying relief materials during the flood. She had been unable to bathe for several days, resulting in red spots on her legs. Although it was very hard at that time, everyone was amazingly united and devoted themselves to relief work.

Daily visits to villages during the day after the disaster, and evening statistical lists, followed by a shuttle bus to the county for approval... This is Yang Yiweis tense working condition which lasted for more than three months.

A total of 1865 families were affected in Fujian and Qing Dynasties, 414 in Tazhuang, 7 200 mu of farmland was flooded, and more than 60 geological hazard sites were surveyed. He did not hesitate to say these data, precisely because of his participation in disaster relief and construction, so that he knows the land situation in Tazhuang.

Huang Huizhi also participated in disaster relief and post-disaster reconstruction. There are three golden banners hanging in his office, which is related to his help to poor families and disabled people. He is more sophisticated than his peers, and every day many villagers come to his office to do business or chat with him. He said that almost every family in Shangfen and Jiayang villages knew him.

The most gratifying thing for them is that after half a year of almost endless overtime, the affected people can finally spend the holiday in their new houses.

Its a common problem that young people cant stay.

Some veteran cadres in Tazhuang town told reporters that these young people have a high level of education and know how to use modern office technology, so they almost rely on them to support the urgent, difficult and heavy work of Tazhuang. However, the lack of manpower and the inability of young people to stay are the common problems faced by the grass-roots units in towns and villages.

The work of the Comprehensive Administration Center involves various modules such as the Public Prosecution Law, but I am the only one who is doing many things, not to mention the busy mid-year and end-of-year inspection. Yan Zhisheng said helplessly.

Thousands of lines above and one needle below. Li Yi (a pseudonym) needs to make a daily progress report on the work of the Six Qing Dynasty, which covers 24 items, including daily disposal of several tons of garbage per village, cleaning up several ditches and mobilizing the number of people to work.

The staffing of grass-roots units is often vacant for many years. In addition, many county departments have seconded grass-roots cadres, which makes the staffing more tense. To be honest, its okay to be busy, but there are fewer people and more people in villages and towns. People with different staffing levels do the same job, but the treatment is not small. A career compiled by the post-90s complained bitterly. Unequal pay for equal work is a heart disease of township officials.

Yan Zhisheng, who is also working for his career, is about to get married. The pressure from his family also falls on his shoulders. His fiancee worked in Minqing County, and they became weekend couples. Cai Liling, Zhangzhous daughter-in-law, spends most of the day on buses, buses and trains every week to reunite with her husband, which is more stressful. Therefore, they look forward to an early end to their separation from their families.

For single young people, they also have their own five-year plan. As the only son in the family, Yang Yiweis idea is very practical. He said, If you start a family here in five years, it will take root in Min and Qing Dynasty. If not, consider returning to Zhangzhou.

Zhang Chenming seems to have made good plans to stay in Fujian and Qing Dynasty. Should not go back, the work is still stable, cadres also need grass-roots experience to grow, step by step forward.

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