Is there a mystery behind the affordability of imminent food? There are businessmen hiding greasy cats

 Is there a mystery behind the affordability of imminent food? There are businessmen hiding greasy cats

Wen/Tu Yangcheng Evening News reporter Wu Shan Intern Wang Zhongzhen

Guangzhous Ms. Huang often happily moved to her home supermarket imminent squid shredded and oolong tea, which not only satisfied her appetite, but also enjoyed the low price of imminent food. The so-called temporary food refers to the food that is about to reach its shelf life.

As early as 2016, Guangzhou promulgated the Measures for the Management of Foods Near and Over the Warranty Period of Guangzhou (hereinafter referred to as the Measures), and made clear provisions on the display and return of food in the interim period, in order to ensure the food safety of consumers.

Now that three years have passed, how are the major supermarkets in Guangzhou performing? Yangcheng Evening News recently visited supermarkets in Guangzhou and found that there are many kinds of food in the near future and the price is low, but there are also many pits.

Fair-priced commodities sneak into the imminent ranks

Article 9 of the Measures stipulates that large and medium-sized food supermarkets shall set up special zones for the sale of foods close to the shelf-life, and centralize the classification of foods close to the shelf-life. In a large Wal-Mart supermarket near Tangxia Village, reporters saw that the near-shelf-life commodities zone was set up very strikingly. However, on closer inspection, the reporter found that the cat is greasy. It is almost impossible to see discounted goods with yellow labels on two or three rows of ready-to-use food shelves, most of which are white labels. Pick up a box of Crispy Valley Music at random. The date of production is March 2019. It has a shelf life of 1 year and half a year before it expires. Pick up a bag of caramel melon seeds, the date of production is June 2019, the shelf life is 8 months, there is still half a year to expire. The prices of these foods are all positive.

According to Article 8 of the Measures, the time for different foods to enter the expiration shelves is different. For example, if the shelf life is more than one year, 30 days before the expiration date; if the shelf life is more than half a year and less than one year, 20 days before the expiration date; if the shelf life is more than 30 days and less than half a year, 10 days before the expiration date. Obviously, Wal-Marts ready-to-eat products do not conform to the on-demand rules, they are fresh goods.

Just when some reporters could not understand, Aunt Liu, the consumer, solved the mystery. On the futures shelf, people will feel cheap, in fact, it is not cheap at all. Commodities on normal shelves, or high-profit goods, are often placed on shelves. For example, imported food is a regular customer. Aunt Liu said that some careless consumers can easily fall into the pit.

During the interview, reporters also found that although the Measures had been implemented for many years, many supermarkets still did not set up corresponding shelves for pre-existing food or abandoned the word pre-existing to change other words. For example, a Huarun Wanjia supermarket in Baiyun District has placed ready-to-eat food on the clearance sale shelf. It feels cheaper to liquidate than to be on the verge of expiration. In a Sulphur Platinum supermarket in the same area, the shelves of ready-to-eat food are basically empty, only buy one get one free plum wine and sauce.

Whats dazzling is the pricing rules for ready-to-eat foods. During the visit, many consumers said that they only knew that the price of food in advance would be cheaper, but the specific discount was unknown. Reporters asked several supermarket staff, can not say why. A manager of Huarun Wanjia Supermarket told us the rules of the supermarket: the company stipulated that the shelves of edible oil should be discounted 5% three months in advance and 2% one month in difference; the shelves of boxed milk should be discounted 2.5% one month in advance, and the rest should be discounted 2% one week in advance.

On-line sale of imminent food disorder is prominent

Compared with physical stores, there are many problems in online sales of ready-to-eat food. Reporters opened Taobao to search for imminent food and saw a large number of imported snacks, including imported biscuits, cashews and candies. Monthly sales range from dozens to thousands, mostly expiring at the end of this year. Reporters noted that many businesses labeled do not support 7 days of returns. Some consumers wrote in their comments that the chocolates and cranberries they received were mouldy, but the merchants refused to return them. In a large Indonesian biscuits comment, there are many Tucao: box openings, biscuits moistened, appearance is not clean.

Source: Liable Editor of Yangcheng Evening News: Liu Song_NBJ9949