Millet will release 5G mobile phone model as MI 9S planned shipment of 300,000 units

 Millet will release 5G mobile phone model as MI 9S planned shipment of 300,000 units

Operator financial network has learned from the internal materials of many operators that millet 5G mobile phone will soon be on the market, the model name is MI9S, that is millet 9S.

With the advent of 5G, Chinese mobile phone manufacturers have undoubtedly launched a 5G arms race. However, due to their different technological capabilities and different emphasis on 5G, Huawei and vivo are expected to win the first cup this year, becoming the top two of Chinas 5G mobile phones, and the reputation of 5G and Huahua V has gradually spread.

At the beginning of this year, Mimi demonstrated a 5G mobile phone called MiMiMix35G, which is Mimis first 5G smartphone, but it has not really been put on the market. It can only be said that it is a 5G mobile phone for display.

Millets 5G mobile phone, which is really about to be introduced to the market, is a millet mobile phone with M1908F1XE model. People familiar with the situation disclosed exclusively to the operator Finance and Economics Network that the 5G smartphone is expected to go on sale in mid-September, with a 6.39-inch AMOLED display screen, 8GB+128BG. The rear camera is a 48-megapixel triple camera and the front camera is 20-megapixel, with an on-screen fingerprint identifier built in. Equipped with a 4000 mA battery.

Operator Finance and Economics Network exclusively learned that millet 9S uses Qualcomm Miolong 855 + Qualcomm X50 baseband. Qualcomm Moulong 855 is the latest mobile platform of Qualcomm in 2019. Qualcomm X50 baseband is the first generation 5G modem released by Qualcomm as early as 2016. After three years of running-in and testing, from the current situation, the combination of Qualcomm 855 + Qualcomm X505G baseband is the fastest commercial 5G mobile phone solution.

People familiar with the situation also disclosed that the planned shipment of millets first 5G mobile phone has been changing, with 50,000 units reported by some operators and 300,000 units reported by some operators. However, none of these figures can be killed because they will vary with the actual market sales.