Wade: Basketball is the love of my life.

 Wade: Basketball is the love of my life.

Basketball has changed my family. Its the love of my life. For more than a dozen years of his career, Wade talked about the significance of basketball to him. Playing makes me calm. Its like my refuge. It makes me forget everything and put all my energy into it. Basketball has brought me too many changes, it has changed my growing environment, from a certain point of view, it has also brought some changes to the world.

Wade thought it was a good opportunity for him to participate in the second season of This is Dunk, so he chose to join the program at the beginning of the program and hoped that the program would continue seasonally. He had watched the first season of the show and said it was rarely seen in the United States. Come to the show so that he can continue to do basketball-related things, and personally guide him to share his knowledge of the game with young Chinese players. I am 37 years old. Basketball has been with me for about 30 years. I have learned a lot. I also want to pass on these knowledge and experience. I hope I can help the next generation grow up, I hope they are better than us. I believe that the basketball game has been improving and everyone will become a better person.

Wade was happy to meet a lot of very talented and promising players, and he and other coaches were very willing to use their experience to help them. Regarding his target players, Wade hopes to be able to achieve resilience, creativity, teamwork consciousness. At the same time, it is more important for players to listen to the implementation: From the coachs point of view, I hope that players not only listen to the message they convey, but also really implement in action. Thats very important. As he told Zaire, his son in high school, If you want to be a good player, listen more and talk less.

Of course, Im not going to teach them how to dribble or shoot. Speaking of teaching experience, Wade did not want to be a traditional coach in the past: I would like to convey to them how to view basketball games, how the NBA plays, and what makes me successful. In his view, as a basketball player, we must really love basketball and enjoy the process. When they leave This is Dunk 2 training camp one day, they want to be better than before they come in. Try to listen more and learn more. I hope these experiences will help them understand the game more differently.

In Wades eyes, This is Dunk 2 is a very special program. The special point is that it is not only a sports program about basketball, but also a entertainment program. As a sports program, it adopts the elimination system, and you have to keep up with it. Just like life, theres no pie in the sky. You have to keep working hard and constantly improve your standards and standards. The players who participate in this program are bound to show all their abilities. Im looking forward to seeing their training results. Wade believes that the program combines learning with play, which is both entertaining and professional. I think you have to know when to learn, when to play, and be ready for it. You should also know when to have some fun and understand what others are looking at and laughing at.

Wade hoped that This is Dunk 2 could be used to make more people fall in love with basketball. I hope people love basketball. I think the audience would also like to take this opportunity to learn more about the playersbackground and themselves. Over the past few years, I have seen many players from all walks of life, including street basketball players, college basketball players and some organized players. Although they come from different places, they all love basketball and play very well. For the audience who dont know much about basketball, although it is a big goal to let them love basketball, Wade is still full of confidence, sincerely said: This program is a form of competition, we have to work together to achieve a goal, this is actually very attractive. But I hope more friends who dont know basketball can come and watch this program.

Speaking of team formation, Wades eyes sparkled with anticipation: Its one of my dreams to play with Michael Jordan, as well as Alan Iverson, LeBron, Kobe and ONeill. In fact, Ive been with all these people except Jordan, and weve been in the Olympic team. So its just Jordan to make up the Dream Team!

Wade also thanked his fans for their support on this trip to China. Its really amazing. Ive been to China many times over the years, and they always give me a lot of love and support. So Im going to show you what Im good at, hoping to give you all these love in the second season.

Finally, we talked with Wade about the most significant moment in basketball career. This basketball player who has had many brilliant moments, to say which is the most meaningful moment, but he made a difficult, do not know which is the most meaningful moment. After thinking for a while, he said, If you have to say anything, I think its the moment my father handed me the basketball and said,Come on, play basketball, because its the beginning of everything.

Beginning from the beginning, keep walking, always keep a warm heart for basketball, this is Wades spirit, but also all those who love basketball, love sports faith.

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