Media: The fundamental problem of waterflooding drama is not long but stink.

 Media: The fundamental problem of waterflooding drama is not long but stink.

Domestic plays are getting longer and longer, which is the common feeling of many audiences. This is not an illusion. According to Caixins statistics, from 2010 to 2014, the average number of episodes that received the Domestic Teleplay Distribution License did not exceed 38 episodes. The average number of approved episodes after 2015 is more than 40 episodes, and the average number of approved episodes in 2018 is 42 episodes, an increase of 10 episodes over 2011.

The long and stinky water-flooding opera is disgusting to everyone. However, the fundamental problem of water flooding drama is not long, but stink. 40 good plays are not enough, 4 bad plays are too many. For example, my favorite episodes of I Love My Family and Biography of Wulin are far more than 40 episodes, but every time they are re-painted, they still feel that they are not enough.

Of course, the 40-episode cap can instantly avoid the long-term hegemony of some ugly plays. But will they be cut into upper and lower parts and come back in the 1234 season?

In order to control the water-flooding drama, we should first recognize the logic of its formation. In reality, although some good plays have gained word-of-mouth, they have not achieved the benefits commensurate with word-of-mouth. And those bad dramas, though scolded with blood, still make a lot of money. This is the core motive force for bad currency to expel good currency.

In addition, some good quality plays also appear water flooding phenomenon, which makes the audience love and hate. This is related to the traditional sales mode of domestic film and television dramas. Most of the dramas are simply priced according to the number of episodes. Production companies tend to lengthen the series, whether to cover costs or maximize benefits.

The mode of shooting and broadcasting American TV series is worth learning from. The studio first shoots one or two episodes of trial broadcasting, and if the network wins, it signs a contract and officially starts shooting. The audience responded well and could broadcast for more than ten years. The audiences response is bad, maybe it will be cut off in one season.

Drawing lessons from the seasonal production of American dramas is not a mechanical imitation. If a play is boiled water mixed with two pots of water, then no matter how many bottles to fill it, it doesnt make sense. The key point is to give the audience proper voice.

Source: Peng Mei News Author: Xipo Responsible Editor: Du Shuo_NB12556