Jingdong responds to customerspurchase of second-hand air conditioners: Oaks will be liable for direct supply

 Jingdong responds to customerspurchase of second-hand air conditioners: Oaks will be liable for direct supply

IT Home on September 8, according to Pear Video News, on September 4, Mr. Rao of Jiangxi Changchang complained that he had bought old air-conditioners in Ox Jingdong self-run shop, and the installation master refused to install them.

On September 5, Jingdong Customer Service responded by saying that after retrieving the video of all goodsentry and exit records, it was found that the products were supplied directly by the brand, the new goods supplied directly by the manufacturer, and the shipping records were not abnormal. At present, we have coordinated the corresponding brands, and will follow you for your order problems. Deal with your reasonable appeal, we will try our best to coordinate the fight for you, and we will make further accountability.

After-sales staff of Oxford Jiangxi Branch said, After all, Mr. Rao bought us Oxford, and we will get rid of it as soon as possible. After all, it has caused him trouble. When asked if 100% of the goods supplied by Oaks to Jingdong are new machines, the staff member answered, Yes, we have sold 10 million sets of air conditioners a year. There is no need to say that we have a second-hand air conditioner for users. At present, we cant lock in where the problem is. Our manufacturers are also investigating this matter with Jingdong. Feeling

Mr. Rao said that the self-owned logistics promoted by Jingdong made him feel that the service of Jingdong might be better. When the air conditioner came into hand, the installation master found that a second-hand air conditioner refused to install. Installation master said, When I look at the panel, I know its wrong. I said its the air conditioner that has been on the wall. I cant install it. The inner machine has opened its mouth. The panel, even the panel that hangs the inner machine, is all traces of the installation, and the power cord has been cut off. Where dare we install it? We must install it. Responsibility

On September 6, Mr. Rao said that he had been compensated 3 times by Oaks for 6,300 yuan and had returned a new air conditioner. As to why there was a second-hand air conditioner, the matter is still under further investigation.

Source: Editor-in-Charge of IT Home: Wang Fengzhi_NT2541