The cause of death of a tiger escaped from a Henan circus to a zoo remains to be identified.

 The cause of death of a tiger escaped from a Henan circus to a zoo remains to be identified.

On the evening of September 6, at the entrance of Nanxinghua School, Biandang Wang Village, Taiping Town, Yuanyang County, a circus tiger turned over an iron cage during a performance and fled to the nearby corn field, where its whereabouts were unknown. The local government notified the public through radio and Wechat groups overnight to be safe and not to go out. The tiger was found and reported to the police as soon as possible.

On the morning of September 8, a section chief surnamed Feng of Xinxiang Zoo told reporters that the zoo received two tigers and a lion from Yuanyang before 3 oclock yesterday afternoon. Its sad that one of the tigers died when it was brought in! Chief Feng told reporters that the escaped tiger may have caused internal injuries after being hit by a vehicle, plus anesthesia when it was captured, and died when it was sent to the zoo. Feng said that the tiger corpse had been frozen at present, and the specific cause of death awaited further identification by higher authorities.

Under the leadership of a staff member, the reporter saw one of the tigers in the vicious animal area of Xinxiang Zoo.

At that time, the tiger lay prone on the ground and did not respond significantly to the calls of tourists. Staff said another lion might rest in the cave. Feng surnamed section chief told reporters that the tiger and lion are in a relatively normal eating and physical condition, possibly due to domestication reasons, appear to be timid.

It is reported that the circus involved is a circus in Anhui Province. It was not filed when the circus performed that night. The two persons in charge have been criminally detained by the police. In a telephone interview with the media, the head of the Propaganda Department of Yuanyang County Party Committee said that Yuanyang County had formed a joint investigation team, and the next step would be to investigate whether the circus has business qualification and other issues of public concern.

A escaped tiger was caught in Henan Province and was caught with anaesthetic after being bruised on National Highway

On the morning of September 7, in connection with escaping from a cage in a tiger performance, the head of the Propaganda Department of the Yuanyang County Committee said that after escaping from the circus cage on the evening of the 6th, the escaped tiger had been injured by a car on the national road. At about 10 a.m. on the 7th, the escaped tiger was successfully arrested after being subjected to narcotics.