Im a scum girl. I play with four men a year.

 Im a scum girl. I play with four men a year.

Some time ago, I saw a threefold shock on my micro blog.

In order to pursue Li Min, he did his best to send rooms, bags and jewelry. What shocked the academia was that he also sent five SCI and one Nature!

What is this concept? Five SCIs can graduate five PhD directly, and one Nature can receive invitations from all over the world.

With SCI, the female doctor would be able to graduate without doing anything, enter the scientific research field directly, and begin her carefree life.

After three years together, Li Min broke up and Shuo Dao couldnt accept it, so he swallowed drugs and committed suicide.

After the East Window incident, an informed netizen revealed that Li Min had three boyfriends in a class, one was a dean student, one was a vice dean student, and another was a passer-by who, although he did not know who it was, should be very useful.

You think youre a junior, but youre only her junior.

This is the proper use of boys to pave the golden road for their future life ah!

When its used up, its worthless. You can worship it.

What exactly does Li Min, who is known by netizens as the academic self, look like?

Its very common, right, but in academia, its a clean slate. Li Min also makes the best use of her feminine value.

If there were no suicide cases, Li Min would still be alive and well. It would be rainy and windy.

Unfortunately, as the old saying goes, there are no impermeable walls in the world. Those shameless things you have done will eventually destroy yourself.

To be a man, we must have a bottom line.

Some roads may seem better to go, but after a lot of walking, its still yourself.


There are many similar things in the entertainment industry.

Last September, Wu Xiubos hot search was posted on Weibo for a while.

First, an unknown actress Chen Yulin, in her circle of friends, reveals her underground love with Wu Xiubo for seven years.

Wu Xiubos operation was even more shocking. Without saying a word, he called the police and sent the girl to prison. It is said that she was facing decades of imprisonment.

But is this junior three who ended up in prison really worth sympathizing with?

Pick up this juniors micro-blog, full of famous brand jewelry, eating, drinking and playing, not to mention the shadow of depression, can even be said to have been a full pull wind.

According to the roadside society news, Wu provoked extortion alarm, but also because the small Three Lions big mouth, touched the bottom line. Wus wife, too, stood up and said she could not bear to call the police.

Whats more, Professor Lang Xianpings famous case against stewardesses.

In other words, Lang Xianping bought two suites for the stewardess in Shanghai and bought them all in the name of Xiaosan or his family.

After breaking up with the stewardess, Professor Lang asked her to return her room money. As a result, the stewardess said that you gave it to me. I have evidence.

Not to mention that, Professor Lang took the rent and used the shell company registered for the stewardess during his love affair to make the stewardess carry 9 million debts without any reason.

In the last few rounds, Xiaosan did not catch anything and was still in debt of 9 million yuan.

So, there is no free lunch in the world. You choose the easiest road, but also the most dangerous one.


There are also some girls, even if they cant rely on men to promote their class, they will try their best to get benefits. For example, endless requests for money.

Many men have a scale in their hearts, and they will figure out how much money they spent for you, and how much energy and time they spent for you.

If you exceed a mans bottom line, once the relationship is over, some extreme people will take cruel measures that you cant imagine. In March this year, a very cruel thing happened in Shanghai. After 1990, Yu Mou, a Shanghai man, could not tolerate his girlfriend Xiao Mous long-term request for money and mental control. He stabbed the victim Xiao Mou to death with a fruit knife while he was asleep.

Yumous salary is about 4,000 yuan a month, but in order to meet Xiaomous large economic needs, such as buying mobile phones, doing mammary gland hyperplasia surgery, giving Xiaomou two or three thousand yuan a month for living expenses, Yumou embarked on the road of borrowing, spending about 170,000 yuan for Xiaomou during love.

Ultimately, because of love, hatred, killer pain.

A male friend of mine, who is an IT worker, has a rather dull personality and almost no love experience.

Through family introduction, I made a beautiful girlfriend.

He is very interested in this beautiful girlfriend, but the girlfriend apparently went for his stable income, constantly asking him for money for various reasons.

He made an appointment with the girl:

Its okay to give money, but Im only going to marry you in the future.

The girl agreed and said:

I wont ask you for money until I get married.

When we agreed to go home together for the Spring Festival, the girl disappeared, because it was a place where the man quickly found out that the girl was dating someone else besides him and asked for money and things for the same reason.

When the man realized that he had been cheated, he did not say a word. He went to the girls house and made a promise not to take money back.

The girl had to pay back most of her money and had a very bad reputation in her hometown.

When a man loves you again, he usually doesnt love unconditionally. Once the relationship is over, the money he should pay back will be returned as well.


My sister once interviewed some rich men and asked them what they wanted for the other half. If its just love, they think girls can be young and beautiful, but usually they dont want to spend more money, becauseu201c

As long as the girls think we have money, they can do it without spending a lot of money.

u201d But when it comes to married couples, they are almost cautious, and the girls they choose are basically the right ones.

Beauvoir has a classic saying:

The great fortune of a man is that he has to embark on a very difficult road, whether in adulthood or childhood, but it is the most reliable one.

Womens misfortune lies in being surrounded by almost irresistible temptations. She was not asked to rise, but was encouraged to slide down to bliss. When she found herself fooled by a mirage, it was too late, and her strength had been exhausted in the risk of failure.

Even in modern times, there are still many voices telling girls: you dont need to work so hard, you just need to marry a rich man, you just need to dress up beautiful, there will be a lot of people chasing, but in fact? In fact, people around you know that girls who dont work hard usually dont have the luck to marry rich people, even if they are lucky to marry rich people, they may not be able to hold on.

In what way you get it, you lose it in what way.

Beautiful men will not be gentle with you, only beautiful people will live. The China Family Development Report 2016 shows that after the 1980s, the matching ratio between men and women of the same and similar educational level in China has increased significantly. The pattern of male is higher than female is lower is decreasing. Previous friends circle popular saying: If you want your boyfriend to send you Hermes, at least you can afford LV? No one has an obligation to pay for your vanity. It is out of date to use beauty or youth as a springboard for marriage or career. Girls, young people are used for struggle. Dont try so hard to enjoy and indulge in fantasy.