Are retirees paid more than their employees? These three points are very realistic. Its good to depend on them all the time.

 Are retirees paid more than their employees? These three points are very realistic. Its good to depend on them all the time.

Firstly, retirement benefits vary from region to region, and economically developed areas are much higher than underdeveloped areas.

In fact, retirement benefits in Beijing are not the highest, for example, they are not as high as those in some parts of Shandong Province. The deputy office of a city in Shandong has just retired and can get a pension of 12,000 yuan. But his classmates retired after being transferred to Beijing, with a pension of less than 6,000 yuan at the same level.

In coastal provinces, pensions are higher, while in Northeast, Northwest and Southwest China, pensions are lower. Similarly, senior title and deputy department posts retire. Higher places can really get 12,000 yuan, while lower places can get 3,000 yuan. Retired ordinary workers can get 4000 yuan in high places and 1200 yuan in low places.

The retirement policy has complicated historical evolution factors, which I will not elaborate on here. It is related to the old method for the old, the new method for the new, the base of payment, the length of payment, the supplementary pension of state-owned enterprises, the special local policies, and so on.

Second, even in one place, there is a big gap in retirement waiting for all walks of life.

For example, in Beijing, people who have registered permanent residence require 10 years of social security, and they can also enjoy pension benefits in Beijing; those who do not have registered permanent residence require 15 years of payment. Therefore, when you transfer from other places to Beijing, your original social security system will move over, and there will be a big difference between different places. For example, Zhang San and Li Si retired at the same age of 60 and paid the same fees in Beijing. But in the past twenty or thirty years, one paid in Shandong and the other in Northeast China. The retirement benefits of two people in Beijing were different.

The gap between different industries is also unbalanced.

For example, civil servants retire after promotion and salary increase. Retirement and on-the-job benefits are similar. They have not paid social security before, but the retirement benefits are still the highest. It is normal for certain positions to get 12,000 yuan.

The retirement benefits of career editors are next, for example, the retirement benefits of teachers are similar to those of on-the-job teachers, and more can reach 8000 yuan.

Central enterprises and large-scale high-quality state-owned enterprises are the third. The gap between enterprises is even wider. Some have high wages, a high base of payment and of course high retirement benefits. Some enterprises have low average wages, low base of payment and large gap in retirement benefits. However, no matter how high the enterprises salary is before retirement, it will not be much to reach 10,000 yuan after retirement, even if it is less than 5,000 yuan.

Small state-owned enterprises, private enterprises and private enterprises with poor benefits have the worst retirement benefits. The reason is very simple. In the past, the salary was low, the base of payment was low, and the retirement treatment was certainly low. The high salary was no more than 6,000 yuan, and the low salary was less than 4,000 yuan. Some laid-off workers, can get 3000 is not bad. Questioner: Where do you get the data? The average retiree is 12,000 yuan? Not enough. Can you make it up?

Thirdly, retirement benefits continue to rise, striving to gradually make up for the balance and enhance happiness.

Because the retirement benefits are implemented by the old method and the new method, the pension of the retired new person is much higher than that of the old person in the past ten years. The last crop of old people retirement benefits can not keep up with the improvement of living standards, resulting in increasing pressure on life. At the provincial and municipal levels, some practical measures have been taken to increase pensions. Retirement benefits have increased at least seven or eight times. One relatives pension has continuously increased from 3,000 yuan to 6,000 yuan, which exceeds the salary of the employees in his unit. In some cases, the phenomenon of inverted hanging of the pension higher than the salary of the employees has appeared.

Retirement benefits vary from profession to profession in Beijing, which is due to different factors such as wage level, payment base, transfer time and retirement account in the former areas. Over the past decade, pensions have been rising steadily. I hope that the parties concerned will be more pragmatic, increase the former low-pension population by a larger margin, the former high-standard population by a smaller margin, more evenly to the low-treatment population, and gradually Laqi Buping, so that those who have a pension of less than 5,000 yuan will continue to increase happiness.