The Great Secret of the Achievement System of The Matchmaker to Be a Matchmaker of Great Achievement

 The Great Secret of the Achievement System of The Matchmaker to Be a Matchmaker of Great Achievement

Achievement system will unlock the corresponding achievements according to certain conditions triggered by the matchmaker in the course of the game, and issue generous rewards such as gold coins, diamonds and clothing. Matchmaker can get the corresponding exclusive title for each specific achievement unlocked. Click on the Set Titles column in the upper right corner of the Achievement Page, and you will be able to rush through the Matchmakers battlefield with a loud name.~

Big-faced fists, Death is coming, Hit people without hitting their faces... 39 magical and windy game titles will become your business cards to travel around the world of matchmakers, making the enemy cowardly!

Glorious Coronation, Achievement Title, Laughing and Fighting

1) Can resist and dominate the rivers and lakes!

Killing 10 opponents in four seconds while keeping themselves alive, KOs two enemies... from [battle] [dominant], to [gun god] and even [pole matchmaker], a series of titles demonically symbolize the players superior combat power and operational level. It may be a good way to see these big guys huddle behind their bunkers and fight a long war.

2) When it comes to tragedy, who is fighting?

3) With a car and a house, I am Tuhao.~

From the moment we enter the game, we are meticulously and carefully recording every bit about each player. Players buy their first clothes, visit the maps of creative workshops for the first time, and in a game the maps are their own homes... These warm details are the playerssmall but moving growth in the matchmaker world. When you are idle, you will spend more time wandering in the game. Maybe you will have wonderful achievements which will be accomplished by you carelessly.~

After this update of Matchmaker, many interesting new functions have appeared quietly in Matchmaker World. Have you found them? Lucky Star Draw, Laughter Barrage in the Air, NPC Clothing Upgrade in Game Hall and other surprise eggs are waiting for you to explore!

Matchmaker official website booking award-winning activities are now in progress! Players can win courtesy by making an appointment. With the increase of reservations, full-service players will gradually unlock game props such as gold coins, potions, and even permanent cool fashion parts! Want a bigger reward? Call your close friends to make an appointment now.

About Matchmaker:

Matchmaker is a brand-new version of Netease Mercury Studio, which is authorized by Steams popular game Stick Fight: The Game. Players can use the classic matchmaker image in the game to enjoy the pleasure of friendly fighting, as well as numerous wonderful maps, weapons and clothes to choose arbitrarily, more open-minded self-editing checkpoints creative social interaction, demonic poisonous, can not stop at all! __________

Although the match is small, the ability is not small, I wish you a pleasant game!