More than 500 items involved in the case were auctioned publicly. A man in Wuhan contracted half of the items for auction.

 More than 500 items involved in the case were auctioned publicly. A man in Wuhan contracted half of the items for auction.

The highest transaction price of more than 500 items involved in public auction is 316,000

On the morning of August 24, the auction was held in Haishan Cultural and Art City, North Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan City. According to the person in charge of the Hubei Hengyuan Auction Company, which undertook the auction. The auction involved more than 500 items, starting at a total price of more than 260 million yuan, including gold and silver jewelry, jewellery and jade, name bags of famous wines, calligraphy and painting, ceramics, art collections, shopping cards and refueling cards. The auction list clearly indicates the age, material, specification, size, quantity, evaluation value and starting price of the item.

Auction site

Twelve bottles of Maotai wine, starting at 17900 yuan! In the morning, the auctioneer just announced the opening of the auction. Many bidders raised their cards and bid in turn. 20,000! Fifty thousand! 150,000! 300,000! 316 thousand! Bidders rushed to raise their cards, and the auction site was very popular.

Eventually, the bidder of No. 21 bought the 12 bottles of Maotai liquor at a price of 316,000 yuan, which was 17 times the initial bid price. I also want to take 12 bottles of Maotai wine, but it really exceeds the psychological price. I can accept it within 300,000 yuan. Citizen Mr. Chen said. 316,000 also became the highest transaction price of the whole auction.

A painting starts at $100 and ends at $22,000.

Among the items to be photographed, there are more calligraphy, calligraphy and painting works. Including Jia Pingwas calligraphy, Han Meilins Matu, Zhou Yunhuas Kunlun Night, Li Xiongcais Ming Yue Songjiao, Zhou Shaohuas Camel Fighting Square, Tang Wenxuans Crouching Tiger, etc. Among them, the highest premium is a painting of Huang Qiangs Dog Picture, with a starting price of only 100 yuan. At the auction site, the price increase of this painting is long and intense. Many bidders, such as 67, 73, 60 and so on, want to get it inevitably and constantly increase the price. Eventually, Huang Qiangs Dog Picture was included in Mr. Zhang, the 73 bidder, with a transaction price of 22,000 yuan.

In addition, four paintings, Zhou Yuanliangs Xiajiang Landscape Map, Yu Xinnings Plum Blossom Map, Xu Linlus Sanyu Map and Wang Chengxis Plum Blossom Map, started at 28500 yuan, and the transaction price reached 112,000 yuan. There is little doubt that the highest-priced auction of this group of paintings and calligraphy is still in Mr. Zhangs hands.

Some 100,000 + high-end goods flow photographs

Raffi Red Wine of 1982

Among the items in the auction, the highest starting price was a group of 1982 Lafite wines. Six bottles of red wine had a starting price of 238,800 yuan. The auction list shows that the six bottles of red wine also have an estimated value of 238,800 yuan. Auction company staff told reporters that according to the current market price, a bottle of Rafi wine in 1982 would cost more than 40,000 yuan. No one raised his hand to bid for the wine.

More than 100,000 pieces of goods were sold at the onsite auction price. The most expensive one is a ring. The original price on the ring box is 151,600 yuan, and the estimated value is 102,300 yuan. A piece of Hotan Jade, about 10 centimeters long and about 6 centimeters wide, started bidding for 100,000 yuan, and eventually went on sale because no one raised his hand.

The only red wines traded at the scene were two bottles of 82 yearsred wine, one of which was Romani Conti, and the other was the Castle of Lato. Mr. Chen from Guangdong took the two bottles of red wine, starting at 36900 yuan and closing at 36900 yuan. The price of other red wines is too high. I took one which is not too high. Mr. Chen said, But I cant guarantee that the red wine I bought must be from the country of origin. Its just a fight. In addition, Mr. Chen also said that he wanted to take some jade products, but he stopped because of the high price.

Among the categories of gold and silver jewelry, the most expensive is thousands of gold bars, with a starting price of 68.6 million yuan. The list shows that the gold bars were purchased on January 23, 2011, at 200 grams, and the hanging tag price at that time was 67.6 million yuan. There was no bidding for the gold bars.

Source: Author of Chutian Metropolitan Daily: Wang Ronghai, Zhangyang, Editor-in-Charge: Yu Changzong_NBJ11145