23-year-old Bai Fumei married a 68-year-old underprivileged male star living in a super-simple apartment

 23-year-old Bai Fumei married a 68-year-old underprivileged male star living in a super-simple apartment

But does the entertainment industry have no real feelings? Thats not necessarily true love, like the two people you want to introduce today.

Japanese beauty marries a 45-year-old male star who is older than herself and is willing to move from her big villa to a small apartment.

Akira is a Japanese girl. In 2011, when she was 23 years old, she chose to marry Kato Cha, a comedian who was 68 years old at that time. The age difference between the two people, who were close to grandparents, was like a bomb thrown into the entertainment circle.

Without exception, after their marriage, netizens began to criticize the vegetable, saying that she must be with Kato tea for money. They even rumored that the vegetable would poison her husbands meal. Some even went to the vegetable house to hit her bicycle in a pit.

In fact, when they got married, Kato didnt have a dime in his savings. All his money went to his ex-wife and children. So Kato knows better than anyone whether the vegetable is with him for money or not.

Besides, there is no shortage of money in the Vegetable House. The house she lived with her parents is a 6LDK, three-storey villa. In Japan, 6LDK says there are six rooms in the house, as well as independent kitchens and restaurants. (L refers to the living room, D refers to the dining room, and K refers to the kitchen).

Its clear that there are only two people living now, but there are nine TV sets installed in the house. Its estimated that the money is too much to spend.

There is also a huge courtyard on the top floor, even if there are too many people participating in BBQ, there is no problem at all.

After Kato married, Akira lived in an apartment with only 3LDK, and the layout was super simple. As you can see, there are only sofas and TV cabinets in the living room, not even tea tables.

The restaurant can only accommodate a few people. In order to make the space appear larger, a large area of mirrors are also laid on the wall.

Open kitchen uses a one-character layout, the area is not large. Vegetables are usually cooked here, and they seldom order takeaway.

It can be said that Akira really bothered to take care of Katos diet. On the eighth anniversary of their marriage, Kato gave Akira 100 roses, because the first time Kato sent Akira flowers was roses, and it was also very sweet. Next, together with the household gentleman, eat this dog food to regain confidence in love!