Hong Kong media: new anti-riot armor purchased by the Hong Kong Police Force from the Mainland arrives

 Hong Kong media: new anti-riot armor purchased by the Hong Kong Police Force from the Mainland arrives

According to the Star Island Daily, Hong Kong police have ordered a large number of lighter and more flexible riot armor from the mainland to protect police officers in order to ensure their personal safety, as the recent continuous conflict has caused great damage to the riot armor of Hong Kong police and the weapons used by demonstrators are becoming more and more lethal. To withstand the attack of knives, sticks and even bullets.

It is reported that the price of each set of riot armor is about HK$5000. The protective components include forechest, back, upper limb (shoulder, elbow and arm), lower limb (thigh, knee, calf and foot) and gloves. The new armor features a combination of riot armor and body armor, which integrates stab-proof, impact-proof, flame-retardant and bullet-proof functions. It can effectively protect the whole body. The materials used in the equipment are non-toxic and have no natural harm to the human body. The total weight of the new armor is 7.93 kg, which is lighter than the original armor and can effectively enhance the defense and bullet-proof of police officers. Speed. The first 500 sets of armor arrived in Hong Kong yesterday and were distributed to the three main districts, while the rest will be distributed to the districts one after another.

Promotional videos show that demonstrators wearing new armor can withstand the attackers knife and stick attacks. The chest and back protection equipment consists of a riot-proof layer, a flame-retardant composite layer, a bullet-proof layer and a buffer layer. The riot-proof layer is made of high-toughness materials, which can resist 42 joules puncture, 168 joules impact and 100 joules impact. The flame-retardant composite layer is composed of a variety of materials, and has good flame-retardant ability. The bullet-proof layer can resist the firearm of a general pistol. Lead core bullets and other body parts of the protective equipment also have similar bullet-proof function. As for the buffer layer, as the name implies, it has the function of cushioning and absorbing impact force, and improving wear comfort.

It is reported that the new protective equipment is produced by Guangzhou Weifu Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. which has provided hundreds of thousands of protective equipment for the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army, the Armed Police Force and the public security. The related products are exported to Israel, Iraq, Thailand, Malaysia, Morocco, Jordan, Lebanon and other countries.

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