24 Hours in Hong Kong | What happened in Hong Kong on August 23?

 24 Hours in Hong Kong | What happened in Hong Kong on August 23?

What happened in Hong Kong on August 23?

Summary of Todays Contents

Hong Kong High Court Approves the Temporary Inhibition Order of Hong Kong Railway

The Supreme Court of Hong Kong approved the temporary injunction proposed by MTR on the evening of 23rd, which is valid until next Friday. In the past, many stations and staff of MTR have been subjected to indiscriminate destruction and abuse by radical demonstrators. The temporary ban prohibits radical demonstrators from obstructing the normal operation of MTR.

Hong Kong citizens protest against the connivance of radical demonstrators by MTR

On the afternoon of May 23, some Hong Kong citizens came to the gate of the MTR headquarters to protest against its connivance of radical demonstrators and appealed to the MTR to ensure the normal, safe and efficient travel of the general public, assume social responsibility, cooperate with the police in law enforcement, and jointly stop violence and safeguard public safety.

MTR responds to the mob train: immediate suspension of service if violence occurs inside the station

On the evening of the 22nd, MTR issued a statement and launched a new response. MTR promises: In case of fighting, destruction and other violent incidents in the station, MTR may immediately stop the operation of the station, train service and even close the station without prior notice in case of emergency. Statement in its entirety

The statement did not mention why the mob train should be launched. Faced with the pale statement, netizens shouted at MTR: Please respond positively!

On the evening of the 21st, nearly 2,000 black-clad people illegally occupied the lobby of Yuen Long Station on the West Rail Line of Hong Kong Metro and left by taking the free subway arranged by the MTR. Live Video

Reporters experience: MTR let passengers off to transport demonstrators

In an interview on the evening of the 21st, Guangzhou Daily reporters rushed to Yuen Long West Railway Station to witness the absurd scene that the train was temporarily vacated to pick up the demonstrators free of charge.

Live Video__

The mob reminded each other of Free ride in 10 minutes more live pictures.

Extension of the temporary ban on airports in Hong Kong

Earlier, due to the blockage of airports by radical demonstrators, the Hong Kong Airport Authority was granted a temporary injunction by the Hong Kong High Court on 14 August to prohibit anyone from holding public activities outside designated locations.

The interim injunction was originally scheduled to expire on the 23rd. On the morning of the 23rd, the High Court of Hong Kong approved the extension of the injunction until another order was issued by the court. Details>

The Major Alliance for the Protection of Hong Kong and the Taxi Drivers of Hong Kong launched the Protecting Hong Kong, Wind and Rain in the Same Boat campaign

More than 500 taxi drivers hung flags and drove along Hong Kongs main streets on May 23, calling on Hong Kong society to combat violence, return to the rule of law and restore normal order. See More Five-Star Red Flags

Chinas Foreign Ministry: Hong Kong affairs belong to Chinas internal affairs and the United States should not interfere in them.

Reportedly, Senate Majority Leader John McConnell recently published a signed article in the US media to comment on China.

At todays (23) regular press conference of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, spokesman Geng Shuang said that Hong Kongs affairs are purely Chinas internal affairs, and the United States should not interfere in them or act in any way. More Strong Rejections

Hong Kong citizens are angry at the rioters: What do you eat when we dont go to work?

Recently, Hong Kong Metro rioters deliberately blocked the closure of car doors in Hong Kong. The citizens were intolerable and shouted, Please give us back your freedom. You are all dependent on your parents. What do you eat when we dont go to work?

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Five in a row! Five Chinese and foreign grandfathers are more aggressive than each other in their rage and disorder in Hong Kong.

Australian grandpa is upright and teaches you to use your brain; British grandpa is not ambiguous and asks why to confuse Hong Kongs power; Greek grandpa is upright and straight-talking to understand; Australian grandpa is too cruel to wake up the dreamer; Hong Kong grandpa is so brave and heartless; what the grandpa at home and abroad understands, the mob still stubbornly does not understand the words? Edition

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Im really unhappy. Hong Kong citizens wept bitterly in an interview

In an interview with reporters, a Hong Kong citizen expressed his true feelings, choking and unable to speak several times. Its hard to see the mob making Hong Kong like this!

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Hong Kong Youth: I think everyone is a family.

Nearly 700 young people in Hong Kong have visited many places in Sichuan and have intimate interaction with giant pandas to experience the development of the country and increase the sense of belonging of young people in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong youth Huang Yanjuan: We can really feel our motherland in this place. Activity Spot

How to deal with violent demonstrations in Britain, France and Singapore?

People in France, Britain and other countries said that when dealing with violent clashes during demonstrations, police in their country usually take a strong stand and decisive law enforcement to control the situation as soon as possible. At the same time, the professionalism and legal integrity of the Hong Kong police are highly respected. Listen to what people from all over the world say.

Barrister Britain: There is clearly a force behind the demonstrations.

A series of violent incidents in Hong Kong have saddened many legal experts. Especially for the unfair treatment faced by the Hong Kong police, the British barrister, Jiang Leshi, who served as Hong Kongs criminal prosecution Commissioner for 12 years, said that Hong Kong people should be grateful and support the Hong Kong police. Listen to his support for the police.

Members of the Executive Council of Hong Kong are interviewed by the BBC: Hong Kong will never be separated from China

In an interview with HaRDtalk, a British BBC political program, Chen Zhisi, a member of the Hong Kong Executive Council and former member of the Hong Kong Legislative Council, made it clear to the host that there is no possibility for Hong Kong to break away from China and never to exist independently of China. The Hong Kong Independence elements are only a handful of people, and they will never succeed. Listen to his point of view__

Ouyang Xiadan Sends a Advice to MTR

The anchor talked about the broadcast, Shadan said last night. Hong Kong Railway actually opened the subway for the mob and even sent them home free of charge to listen to Ouyang Xiadans advice__

Hong Kong Airport Authority issued a statement calling for the protection of Hong Kong Airport

On the 23rd, the Hong Kong Airport Authority issued a statement in several newspapers expressing its strong opposition to the calls and actions of the Internet public to sabotage the operation of the airport. Details>

Hong Kong Land Transport Industry Statement: I hope the demonstrators will stop and think about it.

Hong Kongs land transport industry said in a statement Wednesday that demonstrations and violence had blocked roads, rendering passenger and freight vehicles impassable, driving incomes sharply reduced, livelihoods greatly affected, and, worse, beaten driversmasters for no reason. Hong Kong Driver Master Chen Dao Xinsheng

Hong Kongs civil aviation system trade unions issued a joint statement condemning the demonstratorsattempt to block the airport again

Seven trade unions in the civil aviation system strongly opposed it and demanded that the demonstrators stop all actions that hit the airport and affected the livelihoods of airport workers and the operation of the airport. Details>

Six solid hammers! Unscrupulous activities between the leaders of chaotic ports and the West

The Gang of Four headed by Li Zhiying, Chen Fangansheng, Li Zhuming and He Junren, as well as young chaotic Hong Kong leaders such as Huang Zhifeng and Luo Guancong, colluded with external forces and seriously undermined Hong Kongs social order. Real Hammer Bottom Up and Down

Harmful! In the compulsory subjects of the College Entrance Examination in Hong Kong, there are textbooks with smuggled goods

Hong Kongs Wen Hui Bao reported that there was a loophole in the lack of supervision over teaching materials in Hong Kongs general education, which had been implemented for 10 years. Many textbooks on the market have been exposed to be biased or incorrect, including stigmatizing one country, two systems, beautifying actions against the SAR government, and inciting juvenile delinquency. Some textbooks are even edited by opposition figures. A Map Revealed

Hong Kong Records Association membership card for 18 yuan, a mob wantonly as a amulet

Recently, some Mainland women journalists were besieged by some Hong Kong media reporters at the regular Hong Kong police press conference. Some netizens questioned why the Hong Kong Journalists Association should not make a noise. The Hong Kong Wen Bao reported on August 23 that this organization, which has long pretended to be deaf and dumb to the mob and the yellow media (opposition media) and is headed by the Hong Kong Association of Journalists. Really abuse membership card. Membership Disorder of Hong Kong Records Association

Radicals in Hong Kong intend to drag students into the water to incite hate police and strike

In recent days, the opposition has been building up the momentum of strikes in an attempt to use the next generation to coerce the government in order to meet political demands. Hong Kong educators call for vigilance against brainwashing in the so-called rational and non-rational way, and hope that educators will work together to help students start school smoothly. Look at the Shameless Behavior of Radicals

More and more Hong Kong people bravely stand up and say no to violence! Hong Kongs bravery is here__This article source: CCTV News Client Responsible Editor: Xing Haibo NBJS8850

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More and more people in Hong Kong bravely come forward and say no to violence. Hong Kongs bravery is all here__