CCTV commentary: The camera is only aimed at the police. Why are you on the opposite side of justice?

 CCTV commentary: The camera is only aimed at the police. Why are you on the opposite side of justice?

Over the past two months, the Hong Kong police have maintained restraint in their efforts to maintain public order and protect public safety in response to various lawful and illegal demonstrations and extreme acts of violence and even near-terrorist acts. The police force only uses appropriate and moderate force to stop the incidents and prevent them from escalating and deteriorating when someone violates the law or endangers the personal safety of the people present. However, some local and Western media in Hong Kong ignored the fact that radical demonstrators first provoked the police and violent shocks and accused the police for no reason, which was totally the result of the loss of justice. Yesterday, this photograph of a media journalist as the leading character made people shudder at the soft violence coming on the horizon.

The siege of Mainland journalist Fu Guohao was reported by some Hong Kong media.

In the past two months, this kind of media soft violence has been mainly manifested in three aspects.

First, there is no objectivity, no justice. The pursuit of truth is not only the mission of the media, but also the bottom line of the profession. But instead of reporting the various impacts of violence on Hong Kong society, they only stared at the polices every move with a magnifying glass, and then the netizens laughed at a picture of the beginning, the content is entirely edited. Where is the objectivity and impartiality of your self-advertisement in such media? Where is the freedom of press and expression that you regard as the standard? What is your professional ethics?

Second, some journalists rushed to the front line, intentionally becoming the umbrella of the mob, interfering with and undermining the law enforcement of the police. During this period, we have seen such pictures many times. When the police are ready to take measures against the violent elements, some journalists wearing media armour quickly appear between the police and the rioters, which makes the police worry too much and unable to enforce the law. If you enforce the law decisively, the headlines of the media will be shocked immediately: the police will point the gun at the journalist, the journalist will be shot by the police, and so on.

Thirdly, the Hong Kong Journalists Association acts for the tiger. Those who obstruct the enforcement of the law by the police are not only bad-minded journalists, but also many journalists who buy false certificates. At the scene of violent demonstrations, many mobs hold various unknown press cards to protect themselves. Participation in illegal assembly can be more unbridled to obstruct law enforcement and even provoke the police. Because of the difficulty in distinguishing the authenticity of the relevant documents, the police are also confused about whether the so-called journalists are real or false. Two journalists from the Hong Kong Wen Hui Pao applied for press cards as students and freelance writers respectively, and found that the threshold for applying for membership cards of the Hong Kong Journalists Association was very relaxed. The student membership card can be passed by paying only HK$20 (about 18 RMB). Relevant staff revealed that although the membership card of the association is not equal to the official press card, it can sometimes be used as a journalist card as long as it is accepted by the sponsor. Its funny that the Hong Kong Journalists Association ignored this, but repeatedly questioned the status of professional journalists in the Mainland.

The rule of law is the foundation of Hong Kong, but now Hong Kong is in chaos and the whole society has paid a huge price. For Hong Kong, the police are working hard, the government is working hard, the Chief Executive is working hard, and more and more ordinary citizens are firmly voicing that Hong Kong cant continue to mess up. In this case, we must warn those poisonous agents who violate moral conscience, disregard professional ethics and do not speak of legal order, not to go black on the road of destroying harbors and harbors and disobeying public opinion.

Source: CCTV News Client Responsible Editor: Wang Ning_NB12468