A wave of mobs arriving in Taiwan without having to work and getting high wages

 A wave of mobs arriving in Taiwan without having to work and getting high wages

Recently, a group of Hong Kong independence youths, such as Luo Guancong, Liang Tianqi, Zhou Yongkang and Huang Taiyang, have gone out to study. Several violent rioters are moving around to find opportunities to leave Hong Kong.

And the first choice for these Hong Kong drugs is Taiwan!

The Cai English authorities immediately said that they would provide some Hong Kong residents with case assistance in the form of humanitarian relief.

What is humanitarian relief? How about case assistance?

In fact, if you think about it a little, you can see Cais intention: he wants to support Hong Kong independence and help Taiwan independence by accepting a large number of violent elements in Hong Kong. And let these people stand up for next years election!

Taiwan netizens have also launched discussions on the Internet, with surprisingly consistent calibre, saying not welcome!

Taiwanese people are worried that if these people flood into the island, will they break the law again? The security situation and economic situation in the island are worrying...

Unfortunately, thousands of Hong Kong violent elements are ready to flee to Taiwan.

The worries of the Taiwanese people have actually happened. Cais authorities have accepted more than 50 rioters in Hong Kong, more than 90% of whom were received by Taiwans Continental Commission.

In the future, there will be a large number of Hong Kong violence escaped, they do not have to work, and they can get high wages every month...

Yes, Cais English authorities are now the kind of brainless panzers that we like to talk about...

According to the Democratic Party of Hong Kong, thousands of Hong Kong people who have participated in violence have applied for immigration to Taiwan. Cai Yingying has promised to facilitate this and has planned to implement a Malaysian Second Home immigration policy in the island to accommodate 300,000 immigrants. More violent elements from Hong Kong are expected to migrate.

Do you remember the mainland lad who was angry with Taiwans media?

The young man is so full of Taiwanese media that he can only use but we still have food to eat to argue...

Actually, theres nothing wrong with what the lad said. Especially in recent years, under the control of Cai Ying, the islands economy is depressed and peoples livelihood is also not ideal, showing the trend of five deficiencies and two more, lack of land, water, electricity, talent, labor, air pollution and greenhouse gases. Cai Yingying, however, was indifferent, claiming that its the next generations business, but dont care about it first, regardless of everybodys life and death.

What makes Taiwanese people more angry is that Cai Yingying not only pursued Taiwan independence with determination for his own political interests, but also stirred up with Hong Kong independence this time, which led to the suspension of free travel in the mainland, which had a serious impact on the islands tourism and economy. The most direct thing is that hotels and accommodation suffered a disaster...

Take Kaohsiung for example, the former Kaohsiung, relying on Kaohsiung Port, ranks first in the world in container throughput, and is one of the busiest container transport ports in the world. There are few ports in mainland China compared with Kaohsiung. And now? Suffer a disastrous decline! A slightly larger port on the mainland surpasses Kaohsiung. Walking to the downtown area of Kaohsiung, the construction is backward and the houses are dilapidated. The local people say, I live in a dead city.

Originally, the economy was depressed. Cai Yingying also paid a lot of money to accept those criminals. He had no ideal, no spirit of struggle, ate his parents and drank his parents, complained about the society, even the police dared to fight and the journalists dared to tie up. What could a group of people come to the island to do besides harming the Taiwanese people?

Ironically, they dont have to work at all, and they can get high wages, which is to ruin the peoples fat cream. More worrying to the Taiwanese people is that these thugs will probably commit crimes again after they pour in. Im afraid no one dares to go out in the evening.

In fact, Taiwanese people have suffered the consequences of mob attacks:

Zhuo Changren, a criminal in mainland China, committed a crime with his friends in 1982. He fled to Taiwan in 1984 and was given a huge amount of gold as a reward and arranged for work.

With the help of the Taiwan authorities, Zhuo Changren, a villain, became a noble son with money and leisure. Zhuo spends all kinds of money and has all kinds of poisons.

For several years, Zhuo Changren sat down to eat. The Taiwanese authorities, seeing his ghostly virtues and virtues, have no value in utilizing them and will no longer subsidize him.

Zhuo Changren has a way! Must be worthy of their mob title! Thus, in 1991, Zhuo Changrens bad habits were hard to change. He kidnapped and killed people in Taipei and extorted 50 million family members. Make Taiwanese panic! Eventually, Zhuo Changren was shot...

At the same time, the DPP also said that Cai Yingying will launch a 300,000 immigration plan to Taiwan... In fact, Cai Yingwens small abacus is very elementary. She wants to use 300,000 immigrants to vote for her re-election. To this end, she not only accepts criminals from Hong Kong, but also attracts mobs from all over the world. Look at this trend, whether criminals or hooligans, as long as they can vote for Cai Yingying in the general election, they will be warmly welcomed.

Believe that this policy landed, the island has become a haven for avoidance of crime. What the Taiwanese people can do, it seems, is to spit peas...

The Continental Committee is arranging escape for Hong Kong violent elements

As we all know, Hong Kong police have arrested hundreds of violent demonstrators, most of them on bail, and the number of people seeking asylum in Taiwan is bound to increase dramatically in the near future. Cai asked DPP departments such as the Land Commission, the Ministry of Education, the Immigration Department and the Ministry of Economy to pay more attention to the development trend and prepare for acceptance.

The Continental Committee has formed a complete escape plan and is working to help Hong Kong rioters escape during the bail period. It is said that the abandoned insurers need to file their applications for asylum materials and personal information first, and then the Continental Committee resident agencies in Hong Kong arrange for flight seeking.

If Cai Yingwen focuses on Taiwans economy and peoples livelihood, is it still as bad as 20 years of development?

At present, nearly 200 violent elements in Hong Kong are waiting to come to temporary shelter from the limelight, Cai Yingwen receives all the documents. Hong Kongs Civil Front hopes to solve the problem as soon as possible, regardless of cost. Even the cost of stowaway from ships on the island to pick up people on the high seas has doubled to HK$2 million per person.

According to public reports, there are Yang Yilang, who has fled to Taiwan and led the attack on the Hong Kong police headquarters; Zheng Weicheng, the backbone of Hong Kong independence, who has participated in many violent attacks and pretended to be a journalist; and Liang Jiping, who organized the Occupation of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong...

Yang Yilang, Green vest, Green Helmet, Fully Armed Shock Hong Kong Police Headquarters

Liang Jiping, who broke into the Legislative Council on July 1st, took off his mask and led the destructive campaign.

Cai Yingwens authorities did so, not necessarily by voting, but by lifting a stone and throwing it at their own feet.

On the 17th, Cai Yingying said publicly that a special task force would be sent to monitor the development of Hong Kong. Privately, the Continental Committee and the Hong Kong opposition are fighting fiercely.

Recently, Hong Kong opposition MP Chu Kaidi and members of his office have secretly traveled to Taiwan. They also included Judys wife and children. Because Zhus trip to Taiwan was a secret trip, he was asked not to publish relevant content on the Internet. During his stay in Taiwan, Zhu contacted several relatives to purchase materials for violent demonstrations. The purpose of bringing family members together is to find a way out for the failure of the riot in the future.

It is understood that Hong Kongs Civil Front high-level recently sent Huang Zhifeng, a Hong Kong aspiration, to Taiwan again to discuss with Taiwan Independence elements on supporting the anti-revision campaign, and to guide the Hong Kong Youth Association in Taiwan Hong Kong Border Town Youth to draw up a plan for the next step in cooperation with the anti-revision campaign, and to purchase helmet through the organization. Shields, masks and other materials are sent to Hong Kong.

In addition, the DPP intends to invite 25 pan-democratic MPs from Hong Kong to Taipei in the name of the Taiwan National Front to participate in the Hong Kong Freedom Summer Exchange Conference held from 7 to 8 September in order to form the Hong Kong-Taiwan Alliance and support the Hong Kong demonstration movement.

This series of small actions can be said to be mob dont panic, hollow Cai to help! Taiwan alone, Hong Kong alone, drink Mengpo soup together ah!

However, do the Taiwanese people like to drink your harmful Meng Po Tang?

Source: Responsible Editor of Peoples Daily: Wang Ning_NB12468