Fried money is better than fried shoes? New shoes on the market 4 days up 9 times the resale platform to become brokerage

 Fried money is better than fried shoes? New shoes on the market 4 days up 9 times the resale platform to become brokerage

Chinese journalists from securities firms have noticed that recently, on an app for sneakers trading, a red silk shoe named AirJordan 1 Retro HighSatin BlackToe has been speculated from the selling price of 1299 yuan to the lowest of 5800 yuan in four days. The trading market shows that the highest transaction price has reached 12,000 yuan, an increase of 4-9 times, which means the first sale. Investors who bought on the day of sale made at least four times their profits in just four days.

Are sneakers on?

With the rapid growth of domestic consumer groups and the rise of financial markets in China, the C2C resale trading platform around footwear came into being. In fact, the idle fish APP under Alibaba is an early type of C2C resale trading platform, but the C2C resale trading platform specializing in footwear is more radical than idle fish company, many balls. Shoe platform has begun to assume the role of securities dealers in similar stock and Bitcoin markets.

For those who are keen on high-risk investment, items with collecting function and huge market demand seem to be able to be used for hype. Maotai wine, stamps, moon cake stamps, gold, jade and bitcoin, without exception, are marked by funds. This is a logic for sneakers to become investment products, and more importantly, because behind it. Elasticity.

At the Sothebys auction in July this year, a pair of 1972 Nike sneakers were sold for about 3 million yuan, breaking the world record in the sneaker auction. In 2017, two years ago, Nikes Air Jordan and an international trend brand, OFF-WHITE, jointly launched a sneaker, which quickly rose from 1499 yuan to 12,000 yuan. According to a recent report released by GrandView Research, a US Market Research institute, the global sports shoes and sneakers market is expected to exceed $95 billion in 2025. In traditional stock markets, fund managers are also very concerned about investment opportunities in the sneakers industry. Related to this, Anta Sports in the stock market is on August 22. Japan has again set a record high with a market value of HK$167.7 billion.

Because of the huge user base, market scale and price elasticity of the footwear market, the footwear market has started to breed peripheral business in the past two years. Some Internet entrepreneurs have built up the Internet footwear community friendship business, and then penetrated into the field of Internet financial management. The resale platforms of poisonous APP, niceAPP, DoNew Bullfighting APP are the domestic platforms. Representatives, these companies usually use the fields of shoe purchase, consultation, identification to penetrate users, and then add the financial system, and the secondary market of shoe also begins to appear. Obviously, the user characteristics of sneakers are that the group is younger, and has a strong consumption capacity, of course, also has a strong financial needs.

From the Resale Platform of Footwear to the Footwear Broker

After the boom in the encrypted money market, some footwear resale trading platforms seem to have found their own value, because top footwear, like top currencies, has the characteristics of scarcity, limitation, and price elasticity.

At the same time, the sneaker resale trading platform has long noticed that Bitcoin brokers lie on the profitable business model, including OKEX, Yuanyan, Firecoin and other brokerage trading platforms, whose annual profit scale is very close to that of medium-sized securities companies in the stock market. In this context, the positioning of these footwear resale trading platforms began to shift to footwear brokerage, footwear exchange. Electronic trading, time-sharing chart, K-line chart, Dragon and Tiger List, hanging slip trading and market index are all available. For the money circle and stock investors, the method of stir-frying shoes is familiar, such as the constant total amount of money circle, repurchase destruction, limited sale in the footwear circle, Bitcoin brokerage charges transaction commission to the users of stir-frying money, and in the footwear circle, it becomes a collection of transaction commission and identification fee.

To some extent, such resale trading companies as poisonous APP, DoNew Bullfight APP and niceAPP can be regarded as footwear brokers. However, compared with Bitcoin brokerage, footwear brokerage has at least greater freedom to download openly in the mobile application market, which is currently not available to Bitcoin brokerage APP treatment.

Institutional investors, on the other hand, are also concerned about the value of these footwear brokers. In combination with market news, StockX, the US footwear platform, financed its round C financing of $110 million in June 2019, with a valuation of over $1 billion. In April 2019, Chinas largest footwear platform poison completed a round of financing from US$100 million, valued at US$1 billion. In June 2019, Nice, the second largest footwear platform in China, also completed the D-round financing of tens of millions of dollars, and Nices valuation is close to 600 million dollars.

Shopping stages to change the lever of stir-fried shoes?

Chinese journalists from securities firms have found that investors in stir-fried shoes can obtain leveraged financial support from financial institutions in disguised form on some footwear trading APPs, which is not the function of currency circle APP. According to the information provided by poisonous APP and NiceAPP, ant golden clothes (flower choke) provide staged services for shoe buyers. Due to the normal purchase of shoes to wear, and to buy shoes to speculate in the same APP, which exists in the possibility of borrowing money to speculate in shoes.

Take a womans shoes provided by NiceAPP as an example. The selling price is 1299 yuan, and the current price of the face-to-face transaction is 6400 yuan. Since the date of sale (which can be understood as the date of listing of new shares), 21659 people have paid for the shoes. Ant Golden Clothes also provide installment service for the customerspurchase funds.

Money-making effect may make users change from consumers to investors, thus increasing the demand for leveraged funds, that is, using periodic funds such as Huachong to fry shoes.

For example, the womens shoes mentioned above, AirJordan 1 Retro HighSatin BlackToe womens red silk shoes have made investors multiple profits in just a few days. The shoes were sold on August 17, 2019 at a price of 1299 yuan. Only four days later, the market showed that the latest spot price was 5,800 yuan at the lowest and the highest. Trading prices reached 12,000 yuan, up 4-9 times, which means that investors who buy on the first day make at least four times profits in just four days.

Bitcoin brokerage follows the trend in shoe-frying business

The booming shoe market and its attraction to users and funds in the currency circle have attracted the attention of Bitcoin brokerages. Since this year, the profit-making effect of encrypted money market has mainly focused on a small number of varieties such as Bitcoin and Bitcoin brokerage. Most of the mainstream currencies and counterfeit currencies loved by retail investors are still in the lump. Although Bitcoin brokerage is still profitable at present, if investors can not make money because of the majority of the market varieties, they will choose them. Choosing to leave or invest in stir-fried shoelaces is not tolerated by Bitcoin brokers who are accustomed to pulling wool from users.

Other market participants told Chinese reporters that since the three leading players of Bitcoin brokerage have basically divided up the users of the currency circle, the third-place future Bitcoin brokerage can only adopt other strategies, including the subdivision of operations, so some Bitcoin brokerages have entered the speculation shoe circle and started online footwear trading, such as Youteng. CoinEx, a Bitcoin brokerage founded by former employees of News and Fortune Securities.

According to the footwear trading page displayed by the latter, it allows currency circle investors to use Bitcoin as a digital currency tool for footwear trading. Here, how many pairs of shoes do you have, how many Bitcoins do you have, and how many RMB deposits are considered as symbols of wealth.

In addition to the dissatisfaction of small and medium-sized Bitcoin brokers with the diversion of money and users by football and footwear brokers, the large brokers who failed to enter the three roles of Bitcoin brokers also began to attract users and funds by borrowing the speculative footwear market, including BIGONE invested by Li Xiaolai, the richest man of Bitcoin.

It is worth mentioning that Li Xiaolai is a well-known leek cutting expert in the currency circle. He holds a large number of bitcoins with an asset of up to 7 billion yuan. He has also publicly boasted many times that he earned profits by cutting leek. Last September, Li Xiaolai also published The Self-cultivation of Leek, which sold more than 100,000 copies in half a year.

Nowadays, the booming shoe market once depressed the heat of the coin market, especially the trading currencies offered by many Bitcoin brokerage platforms have fallen into the bad state of running, fraud, air and so on. A pair of shoes (even counterfeit ones) may still be used, as opposed to counterfeit currencies that may be worthless.

Li Xiaolais BIGON announced on August 21 that due to strong market demand, BIGONE will be launched on the online sneaker market on August 22, 2019. Specific trades include AirJordan 1 RetroHigh NRG, Travis ScottoX AirJordan 1 High.

As for the phenomenon that people start to fry shoes after the crazy currency speculation, users commented on Sina Weibo that:

Cut a wave by coins, if you cut another wave by shoes, how much leek can you leave to the stock market? This is not just the latest paragraph. During the interview, Chinese journalists from securities firms found that many money circle investors were also stock investors. Most of them transferred to the currency circle to open accounts and speculate in the A-share bear market in 2017. However, many investors have been cleanly harvested by various spot and futures after entering the currency circle. Although the market of speculated shoes is very popular, they have been repeatedly harvested by the market. Investors in cleaning should be more aware that even though shoes themselves may seem more valuable than many currencies, the reliability of stir-fried shoes is not much better than that of stir-fried coins.

Source: China Responsible Editor of Securities Dealer: Qiao Junjie_NBJ11279