The 41-year-old news broadcasts are still full of fans.

 The 41-year-old news broadcasts are still full of fans.

Here he is, here he is.

News Live went online with his tremble and fast-hand number!

Unexpectedly, this program has been on the air for 41 years.

The ability of doughing powder is so amazing! ____________

Live tremble is increasing by tens of millions a day

Never thought of it,

Im addicted to the tremolo brush News Live

Yesterday, the tremolo of News Broadcasting came into being.

Get instant attention from tremolo netizens

Top of the hot list

Opening only one day

The number of fans has reached 1489w.

Some netizens exclaimed:

After watching this video, 100,000 fans increased!

Yesterday, the first video of tremolo was released

The content is to invite you to shake up

Sure enough, the little buddy who came to report

Go to and fro in constant streams

Have grown up cute netizens_

There are also calls for Live Broadcasting

Official Account_

Official accounts in the comment area also skinned a handful of reported number

Are there any fans?

See so many official government numbers queuing up

Netizens have expressed

She shivered and dared not speak.

The old fellow is coming to register!

Not only is there tremble

The official fast-hand number of News Broadcasting is also on the same day!

The first video released yesterday

Broadcasts have reached 110 million

See the number of fans staggering up

Netizens said: Sure enough, it is the handlebars of the television industry!

For everyones love and concern

Kang Hui expressed his thanks on behalf of Tiantuan.

Live Thank you for your exaggerated attention

Thank you all for your continued support.

Just like the fast slogan: Record the world, Record you

News Live has been around for 41 years

China is also on record.

Record each

Chinese people who really pursue happiness and progress?

Except for tremble and fast hand

The Wechat Public Number of News Broadcasting has also been launched recently.

Source: CCTV News Responsible Editor: Wang Ning_NB12468