The pilots boyfriend was a 41-year-old greasy uncle who was deceived and exclaimed, Its ugly.

 The pilots boyfriend was a 41-year-old greasy uncle who was deceived and exclaimed, Its ugly.

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Grey uncle rented Mercedes-Benz as a handsome pilot, and the deceived woman exclaimed, Its ugly! (Source: ~)

Not long ago, Xiao Wang, who lives in Shapingba, Chongqing, made a boyfriend of a pilot. It is said that the pilots salary and bonus should be quite a lot, but the pilot kept asking Xiao Wang to borrow money. In more than two months, Xiao Wang called the boyfriend of the pilot who had never met him for tens of thousands. But Xiao Wang never expected that the place where she finally met her boyfriend was not the romantic coffee shop, but the police interrogation room.

At Fengwen police station in Shapingba, Xiaowang met the so-called pilot boyfriend for the first time. What kind of handsome and golden pilot is there, but a greasy uncle who is almost 40 years old.

Citizen Wang: Just now the police showed me the real picture of the cheater. Wow, its so ugly!

Xiao Wang said that in reality, this man is totally different from the handsome young man on his mobile phone. A few months ago, she met each other by making friends on her mobile phone. They had never met each other before. At first, the other party often sent her photos and videos of her work at the airport. Her good career and handsome appearance made Xiao Wang very moved.

Citizen Xiaowang: He said he was a pilot and sent me many pictures. He looked so handsome when he chatted through his mobile phone.

The pilots boyfriend in mobile photos and videos often goes to high-end places, but he asks Xiao Wang for money under various pretexts. Xiao Wang is also knocked unconscious by the sweet words of the other party and lends tens of thousands of yuan to the other party successively.

Xiao Wang: Every time he says a lot of reasons, for example, he drives a Mercedes-Benz and has an accident. Otherwise, his family is sick, they dont have enough cash, and they turn to me again.

In fact, Xiao Wang is not the only one to be fooled. The police investigation found that the suspect Lin Mou cheated a lot of money in Chongqing, Sichuan, Hunan, Yunnan and other places in the same way.

Police Officer Ma, the police officer handling the case, said, He was in Chongqing. He cheated 180,000 people with only one girl.

According to the investigation of the police, the suspect, Lin Mou, is a foreigner who has no proper occupation and rents a house in Chongqing. When Lin was captured, the police were unable to connect the obese man with the handsome young pilot who appeared on the victims mobile phone.

Police Officer Ma: This man is a middle-aged greasy uncle, and he sent on-line small fresh photos, is completely like two people.

Police also found a Mercedes-Benz car rented by Lin Mou in the garage of a residential area in Lin Mou. According to Lin, the videos and photos sent to the girls were all stolen by him on the Internet.

Officer Ma introduced that his method is very old-fashioned, that is, to use other peoples identity online, other peoples videos, in this way is a virtual image, to deceive others.

At present, the police have verified that the amount of fraud committed by the suspect Lin Mou amounts to more than 300,000 yuan.

Police Officer Ma: We checked his consumption records, basically renting luxury cars, traveling, staying in luxury hotels and so on. He spent all his money.

Citizen Xiaowang: This is a painful lesson for me. I also want to remind other girls that no matter how handsome they are, you should not believe them.

Source: Look at the responsible editor of news: Wang Ning_NB12468