Yue Huishan signed a contract in June with Anzai Hyun Company, suspected of saving their marriage.

 Yue Huishan signed a contract in June with Anzai Hyun Company, suspected of saving their marriage.

Netease Entertainment reported on August 25, according to Taiwanese media reports, Korean actress Yoshi Hye-hyun married the old public security officer Sai Hyun for three years, but the couple tore their faces in August. Her heartache expressed that her husband rejected her as not sexy enough, which made a large number of netizens angry with women, and the man seemed to fall into a low ebb. In fact, she just signed a contract with her husbands brokerage company HB Entertainment in June. Korean media asked again on the 25th why she would sign to the mans company if their relationship had already dropped to a freezing point. This conclusion also distressed netizens that she still tried to save her marriage until June.

In early June, through an official statement, Yu Huishan disclosed that he had signed to HB Entertainment and had a personal affinity with Zaixian, an old public security officer. She was interviewed at that time and said, I hope what I do will not cause trouble to my husband, and I want to concentrate more on acting in the future, so I changed my company. On that day, a reporter asked her if her husband had given any help. She calmly answered, He doesnt know, I didnt say it.

The crisis between husband and wife in June is evident. On the day of Yu Huishans self-explosion, Anzai Hyun is currently exercising and busy preparing for plays. Its very difficult to meet him. Theres nothing to say, not much to say, but if the news comes out today, he should know what were talking about. At that time, everyone did not know that the relationship between the two people hit the rocks, and the reporter was also amused by her remarks.

Youhuishan signed to Anzaixian Company in June, which was also regarded by netizens as she tried to save her husbands heart, seemingly youhuishan loved more, because it was too difficult to see her husband, could she simply sign to the same company, so sad. (ETtoday/article)

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Chen Shaojie_b6952