Car Dream is immortal! Dong Mingzhu made another move.

 Car Dream is immortal! Dong Mingzhu made another move.

How is Miss Dongs car-building going?

Grey Electric and Weima Automobile Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement

The two sides believe that only by insisting on independent innovation and mastering core science and technology is the fundamental way for enterprises to sustain their development and move towards the world. Based on the two high-frequency life scenarios of travel and home, the two sides will deeply integrate intelligent technology, explore the infinite possibility of AI + Internet of Things, and drive the upstream and downstream industrial chain of new energy vehicles to intelligent transformation, and promote the development of Chinas artificial intelligence related industries.

Weima said that the two sides will make full use of the advantages of Gree Electric Appliances in HVAC technology and intelligent equipment R&D and manufacturing, further enhance the intelligent level of Weima vehicle manufacturing, and build an intelligent benchmarking factory. In addition, Weima will explore the cooperation opportunities in the field of intelligent cockpit and smart home interconnection with Gree Electric Appliances, which will bring users an integrated vehicle interconnection experience of intelligent, convenient and seamless connection. Previously, as the first vehicle company to provide the interconnection service for millet loT car owners, Weima car has realized the interconnection and interconnection with millet home intelligent hardware ecology.

However, according to the news released by the cooperation, the cooperation between the two sides has not yet extended to the areas of acquisition, investment and other fields, mainly in the field of technical cooperation.

Netizens commented one after another, saying that interlaces are like mountains, and also expressing great expectations!

Weima Automobile: Tencent Baidu Sequoia are optimistic

According to the data, Weima Automobile is an intelligent electric vehicle developer. It is a brand of new energy intelligent vehicle based on the needs of users in the Chinese market, providing vehicle networking and after-sales service. Around one core architecture (Teke architecture), two major vehicle platforms, STD and PL, will be extended, and at least eight new cars will be launched on the basis of the two platforms.

Its founders have rich experience in enterprise operation or capital operation.

Shen Hui, founder of Weima Automobile, is known as the first person in the globalization of Chinas automobile industry. Former vice president of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, senior vice president of Volvo Automobile Global and chairman of Volvo Automobile China, helped Geely acquire Volvo successfully. He has also been a co-founder of Botai Group in the development of smart cars, responsible for the global layout of vehicle networking, smart cars, consumer electronics products and Chinas market development.

CFO, the co-founder of Wima Automobile, is Du Ligang. Proficient in financial management and capital operation of enterprises at home and abroad, and have ecological construction ideas for the Internet smart hardware industry.

Among them, Weima EX5, the first mass-produced vehicle of Weima Automobile, has a prominent sales performance. As of June, the cumulative number of vehicles in the traffic-related compulsory insurance of Weima EX5 reached 8548, ranking first among the new automobile manufacturers. Among them, Weimar EX5 delivered 2098 vehicles in June, close to 1/4 of sales in the first half of the year.

According to the data, Weima has received six financing before, and the latest round is in October 2018. It has received 3 billion yuan in Baidu Leadership Investment, Tencent Holdings, Sequoia Capital China and other investments. Weima said that financing will be mainly used for user experience and technology research and development. Up to now, the cumulative financing amount of Weima Automobile has reached nearly 23 billion yuan.

This is not Miss Dongs first entry into car building. And before that, her road to making cars could be said to be quite bumpy.

In 2016, Dong Mingzhu was fond of Yinlong in Zhuhai. She once said frankly that Yinlong in Zhuhai is an undiscovered gold.

In August of that year, Gree Electric announced that it planned to buy 100% of Yinlong in Zhuhai for 13 billion yuan. As soon as the proposal is put forward, the voice of doubts in the market keeps coming out, and Shenzhen Stock Exchange has also issued letters of concern about this merger and acquisition case.

However, after Dong Mingzhus shares in Yinlong, there were many problems: although it accelerated its expansion, its performance fell sharply, and negative news such as arrears of goods and large-scale shutdown of industrial parks were exposed. Subsequently, Miss Dong and Yinlong staged a power struggle:

In June 2017, Dong Mingzhu and Wei Yincang jointly appeared on CCTVs Dialogue program. Dong Mingzhu put the internal contradictions of Yinlong in Zhuhai under the magnesium light.

On the program, Wei Yincang complained to the audience: As we all know, a car over ten meters long shakes and walks up. It is flexible and creaky and noisy. On this point, General Dong (Dong Mingzhu) is absolutely not let go. We have to work overtime day and night. Whatever the means, we should solve it thoroughly. Pursuing perfection is the pressure on Yinlongs tens of thousands of employees.

Dong Mingzhu questioned him on the spot. As a leader of a company, I think it is necessary. Unless youre not in position. In his position, seek his own government. You must ask for your team with the utmost vision. Theres nothing we can do to the best of our ability.

Wei Yincang later even issued a statement saying that individual shareholders and actual controllers, Dong Mingzhu, were for personal gain, using the company to make trouble for major shareholders, and said that Dong Mingzhu has been sued.

At the end of 2018, Dong Mingzhu said to Zhuhai Yinlong that Yinlong project itself is not a problem, mainly because there are some management loopholes in the enterprise.

On Boao Finance and Economics Night in 2019, Dong Mingzhu still bombarded Chinas automobile industry with rough manufacturing. All the streets and alleys looked at joint ventures and attributed the reasons to the utilitarian interests of manufacturers.

Until April this year, Yinlong New Energy Co., Ltd. announced in an official announcement that the major shareholders Wei Yincang and Sun Guohua and others involved in embezzlement of the companys interests totaled more than 1.4 billion yuan, involving four criminal cases and three civil cases. At the same time, Yinlong New Energy Company confirmed that Wei Yincang, the major shareholder in the United States, Sun Guohua and other six people have been criminally detained, and some people related to criminal charges have lost contact.

So far, the fighting between the two sides has come to an end.

However, it is noteworthy that recently Yinlong Eiffel as Dong Mingzhus first car, the starting price is 430,000.

Source: China Foundation News; Reporter: Wu Yu

Source: Responsible Editor of 21st Century Economic Report: Zhong Qiming_NF5619