Wang Ye Give You Live sang the classic song of Quick Men to evoke memories of killing

 Wang Ye Give You Live sang the classic song of Quick Men to evoke memories of killing

Nine years ago, Wang Ye conquered the stage of Happy Boys on Hunan Satellite TV with a song Night and Night, which left an indelible impression on the public. He was very emotional about the song, and opened the evening with the classic song Night and Night again, touching all the fans. In addition to performing classical songs, Wang Ye also sang the new song Survivor for the first time in public, which amazed fans.

As early as before the concert, Wang Ye incarnated as an emotional blogger, solicited emotional stories on Weibo, and received many secret private letters from netizens. At the concert, Wang Ye shared with you a touching story about a depressive fan who had recovered from illness to cocoon breaking into butterflies and rebirth. He also invited the fan to the scene. The other party was happy to say that he had found his own happiness. Next month, he will receive the certificate! Thank you Wang Ye for singing my heart.

After listening to the fans confession, Wang Ye quipped, Congratulations on your marriage, faster than me! It made the audience laugh. Later, he encouraged fans to be strong, optimistic and love life. We are ordinary people, so ordinary but so extraordinary, I hope that every time I listen to my songs can make you happy, forget your troubles, lets cheer together! Subsequently, Wang Ye sings the song Its Your Happiness for his fans.

Towards the end of the performance, Wang Ye brought a letter from 43 years ago, bringing you to know about the love of that era. The letters have been hand in hand for 40 years now. They are a loving couple who just passed the ruby marriage. Wang Ye said that the quiet company in the ups and downs of the years is the most beautiful appearance of love, hoping to give people confidence and longing for love.