Yunnan post-90s female vice-president voluntarily surrendered: four years of absconding on suspicion of bribery crime

 Yunnan post-90s female vice-president voluntarily surrendered: four years of absconding on suspicion of bribery crime

Li Huos resume

Li Huo-ao, female, Han nationality, born in September 1990, Lincang, Yunnan, junior high school culture, May 2010 to May 2015, worked in Yunnan Shanchuan Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. and served as Deputy General Manager of Yunnan Shanchuan Engineering Construction Co., Ltd.

Once this information was released, it attracted peoples attention.

According to Tian Eye Chas public information about Yunnan Shanchuan Engineering Construction Co., Ltd., the company has a capital of 50 million yuan, and its registered address is located in the business office area of Guangfu Road New Asian Sports City, Kunming City. The companys business scope covers housing construction projects, municipal public works, gardening and greening projects, and has power engineering facilities. Construction qualification of three-level general contracting, one-level general contracting of construction engineering, one-level general contracting of municipal public works, two-level general contracting of highway engineering, two-level contracting of urban and road lighting engineering specialty, etc. He has undertaken construction projects of comprehensive training building (including canteen) of Yunnan Finance and Economics School, primary and secondary schools of Shuangjiang Autonomous County. School building safety engineering agent construction project (phase II) II tender section, prison renovation and expansion project (phase II) in Jianshui County, Yunnan Province, Luxi Luyuan Senior Middle School student dormitory project and other housing construction projects.

According to shareholder information of the company, Li Bo-bo is a shareholder of the company. She has subscribed 10 million yuan of capital and 20% of the shares are held. She serves as the supervisor of the company.

On January 29, 2018, Huifa. com released a criminal ruling of the Chuxiong Intermediate Peoples Court of Yunnan Province, the case No. (2018) Cloud 23 Sentence Final, which revealed some clues about Lis crimes.

According to the ruling, the defendant, Chen Mou, is the legal representative of Chenzhao Company in the original ruling (Chuxiong Intermediate Peoples Court is the second instance). In 2014, the defendant Chen Mou, in order to expand the companys business and seek greater interests of the company, wants to upgrade the qualification of bidding agency from Grade B to Grade A. In the case that the company fails to meet the requirement of upgrading from Grade B to Grade A, in order to pass the evaluation smoothly, the defendant Chen Mou finds Yi Mou (sentenced) who was then deputy director of the Bidding and Bidding Management Office of Construction Project of Yunnan Provincial Housing and Construction Department, and Yi Mou lets Chen Mou contact Li Moao (at large). Hou Li Huo negotiated with Geng Mou, deputy manager of Yimou Company, and agreed to charge 600,000 yuan for upgrade information. Yimou used his position to help Chenzhao Company to upgrade its bidding agent qualification to Grade B and Grade A. Li Mao-bo made false upgrade materials for Chenzhao Company according to Yimous instructions. Chenzhao Company was upgraded to Grade A qualification. Later, the defendant Chen Mou bribed Yimou RMB 300,000 and a set of real estate valued at 300,000 yuan through Li Mao-bo as agreed. u3002 By the arrangement of Yimou, the property was settled in the name of Wumou, son of Mamou (sentenced).

On August 26, 2015, a piece of information released by the Peoples Procuratorates Case Information Open Network showed that Yi Zhongzheng (deputy Department level), former deputy director of the Yunnan Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Departments Office of Tendering and Bidding Management, was suspected of bribery and accepting bribes under the designated jurisdiction of the Peoples Procuratorate of Yunnan Province and handled by the Shuangbai County Peoples Procuratorate. Transfer for review and prosecution.

Source: Responsible Editor of Chuncheng Evening News: Xing Haibo_NBJS8850