Prisoners found Epstein strangled to coma but removed him from the list of custodians.

 Prisoners found Epstein strangled to coma but removed him from the list of custodians.

Overseas Network, Aug. 25, U.S. Department of Justice said that Jeffrey Epstein, a former millionaire who committed suicide in a federal prison, had been found strangled to a semi-coma in his cell before he died, and was later placed in the custody of a suicide watch in the prison. But then a doctoral psychologist from the prison removed him from the suicide list.

Epstein, 66, died on August 10 in a cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan. The cause of his death was believed to be hanging himself, NBC News reported Thursday. A document sent to the House of Representatives by the U.S. Department of Justice on Friday (23) disclosed that Epstein had been found in a semi-coma in his cell in July this year, with a neck scar and a strangulation. The prison then supervised his suicide. However, after being assessed by a doctoral psychologist, Epstein was later expelled from the list of suicide surveillance because the psychologist confirmed that it was no longer necessary to supervise Epsteins suicide.

The document quotes the Prison Services policy that federal prisoners will be placed in special cells. The document said: The prisoners included in the suicide supervision should have an easy access to the prison facilities. At any time, the prisonersvision should be unimpeded. Limited objects, materials or architectural forms will avoid self-injury of the prisoners. Psychologists inspect a detainee on the suicide list every day. The detainees are often monitored by staff or prisoners and regularly record their observations on the detainees. Therefore, the document states that only after face-to-face assessment can prisoners be removed from the list of suicide surveillance by prison psychologists.

Earlier, the Justice Department said that some of Epsteins employees on duty at the time of his death had hired lawyers and refused to be questioned by investigators. Currently, federal investigators have issued investigation subpoenas to these employees. Epsteins suicide also led to some of the most direct consequences. On the 19th, Attorney General William Barr abolished Hugh Hurwitz, acting director of the Federal Prison Service. Lamine NDiaye, the prisons warden, was temporarily redeployed, and two guards responsible for monitoring and managing Epstein were forced to take vacations and be investigated.

Epstein has been in federal detention since his arrest at New Jersey Airport in July. He was charged with a crime of premeditated sex trade and a crime of sexual trade and faced up to 45 yearsimprisonment if convicted. He pleaded not guilty and was refused bail. According to federal prosecutors, the indictment shows that Epstein searched for minors to trade in cash at least from 2002 to 2005, some of whom were even 14 years old.

The Justice Department said that even after Epsteins death, authorities would continue to investigate any accomplices in his suspected crimes. It is reported that Epstein founded the Epstein Investment Company in 1988. Since then, Epstein has established close ties with the financial giants on Wall Street, and has had close contacts with politicians, business academics and fashion figures, including Trump, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew of England, Wickner, the owner of Wilmy and so on.

Source: Overseas Network Responsible Editor: Dai Wenjia_NB12498