China Mobile: Will Mobile Shut Down after Wi-Fi Connection

 China Mobile: Will Mobile Shut Down after Wi-Fi Connection

Author: Orange addiction

IT Home, August 25, recently, China Mobile Customer Service officially released pictures to find out if the mobile phone will shut down the mobile network after connecting to Wi-Fi.

Officially, when the Wi-Fi connection is normal, traffic will not be stolen. Because Wi-Fi and mobile data are not on one channel. Todays smartphones automatically prioritize Wi-Fi connections, so you dont have to worry about stealing traffic when Wi-Fi connections are normal.

Why does Wi-Fi sometimes feel traffic stolen? Mobile claims that when WiFi disconnects, mobile phones automatically switch to mobile data connections. For example, when watching videos, most of the video playback is a caching mechanism. When Wi-Fi is temporarily disconnected, in order not to affect peoples normal viewing, the mobile phone will automatically open the mobile data cache, thus consuming traffic.

Mobile Customer Service Officials have also given three ways to avoid traffic stealing after Wi-Fi connection: turning off mobile data while Wi-Fi connection; prompting mobile data connection when WLAN connection is disconnected; and setting App, a video traffic-intensive class, to be only allowed in Wi-Fi environment. The following is a detailed description:

Source: Editor-in-Charge of IT Home: Qiao Junjing_NBJ11279