Alipay official clarification: did not use HUAWEI ark compiler

 Alipay official clarification: did not use HUAWEI ark compiler

Recently, some netizens were asking questions: how do we see the news that Alipay uses the HUAWEI ark compiler almost seconds?

This update said: this update, Alipay really started a lot faster, almost to the extent of seconds. Do you want to know if Alipays almost second opening is related to HUAWEIs Ark Compiler? If not, how did Alipay optimize so quickly? If so, what optimization measures did the Ark Compiler take? What role did it play?

In response to this question, the official account of Alipay official answered, at present, Alipay does not use HUAWEIs Ark compiler.

Alipay said: in recent years, we quietly launched a second open big project. There has been no official announcement, because we feel that although it is much faster than before, it has not met our expectations.

Alipay also disclosed the technologies to achieve second boot, including: container frame biochemistry, virtual machine tuning (profile-basedcompile), thread scheduling control, home page snapshot snapshot, scan code mixing focus, GPU operation and so on.

Source: Responsible Editor of Fast Technology: Qiao Junjing_NBJ11279