Liang Jingru was exposed to marriage: she is Li Zongshengs dry daughter, but she has always been self-abased.

 Liang Jingru was exposed to marriage: she is Li Zongshengs dry daughter, but she has always been self-abased.

But, probably only those who know her know that Liang Jingru is not only singing to others, but has been singing himself.

She loved singing since childhood.

Both parents are musicians. Even more amazing, they met by singing.

According to Liang Jingru, when parents participated in the same singing contest, their father started a fierce pursuit after listening to their mothers singing.

Mother agreed when she saw that her father liked singing too.

Not long after the marriage, Liang Jingru was born.

At that time, Deng Lijun was in fashion, and her song was always hovering around the house. Liang Jingru wrote down these lyrics and hummed them over and over again.

As it happens, cousin Zhang Zhicheng lives in her house, so they often sing to each other, from Fei Yuqing and Jenny to Lin Yilian and Pan Meichen.

When his father learned that Liang Jingru loved singing, he would take her with him in every performance.

At that time, Liang Jingru was always happy.

She said: He (father) himself is very relaxed and cheerful, he is like me, a bit like brother and sister, sometimes I tie horsetail, he will run over and pull, naughtily pull my horsetail that kind.

But her mother was very strict, and she was not close to Liang Jingru, so she preferred her father more.

At that time, Liang Jingru always said to his father, I will insist on singing in the future.

But at the age of 18, his father died.

This made Liang Jingru eager to sing, so she gave up reading and went out to sing to make money.

Her meeting with Li Zongsheng was quite accidental.

As a young man, Liang Jingrus first career was to become a singer. At that time, Rolling Stone sponsored a singing competition, and Liang Jingru ran to participate.

Because of her previous experience on stage, she won the singing championship at one stroke.

At that time, Li Zongsheng was looking for a new singer in Malaysia, holding a convenient chorus to Li Zongsheng. When he heard it, he thought it was good and listened to it twice before he said, Let this chorus singer come to see me.

Its Liang Jingru.

Many years later, Li Zongsheng explained, Harmony is more distinctive than lead singer.

Later, because of temporary business, they made an appointment to meet in Singapore.

Liang Jingru really arrived at the appointment.

For this first meeting, even after many years, Li Zongsheng still has a deep memory.

The mother and the daughter are pitiful. They come to Singapore by bus from Malaysia. They are timid and pitiful.

Although I cant bear it, but still according to the process, he let Liang Jingru sing on the spot.

Liang Jingru was very nervous, but when she sang, she somehow relaxed. When Li Zongsheng listened, she immediately clapped the board: Yes.

Later, he signed a contract with Liang Jingru.

That year, Liang Jingru just came of age.

Later, many people asked her what she thought at that time. Liang Jingru just said lightly, I want to sing after graduation. I always want to sing. I met my eldest brother Li Zongsheng.

After a brief explanation, Li Zongsheng took Liang Jingru back to Taiwan.

This is Liang Jingrus first time to go far. She took many things, quilts, pillows and instant noodles, all stuffed into the suitcase because she was afraid that she would not accept the water and soil.

Her behavior made many people feel strange. Later, Lu Yu also asked her: Why even pillow?

With a worried mood, she eventually entered Rolling Stone Records and was personally guided by Li Zongsheng.

At this time, Li Zongsheng has won the fame of Lin Yilian, Xin Xiaoqi, Liu Ruoying and other songs. The outside world is full of expectations for Liang Jingrus arrival.

But she seems to be an exception. The journey to pursue her dreams is not smooth, but rather problematic.

First, singing always fails to meet Li Zongshengs requirements.

This was true for the first time and for the second time. Gradually, Li Zongsheng lost his patience.

Once, they practiced in the recording studio as usual. Liang Jingru sang half of the song. Li Zongsheng was very dissatisfied. He took off his glasses and threw them on the table. Because of his excessive strength, his glasses slid all the way to Liang Jingrus front.

Li Zongsheng became more angry and said impatiently, No more singing, no more singing, todays work is over.

Liang Jingru burst into tears.

Li Zongsheng saw the situation, but some cant bear it: Why did you say so many things that you havent understood and sung yet? You have to go home and think for yourself, and think clearly.

So Liang Jingru ran back and stayed up all night. She thought over and over, What if we go to the studio the next day, in case we cant sing well again?

At that time, she often hid in the quilt and cried.

Because she cant sing well, she is not only looked down upon by Li Zongsheng, but also gossiped by the companys people.

At that time, as long as Liang Jingru went to practice, he would hear peer comments behind his back: Gee, this artist is difficult to do!

It means that she doesnt like to talk. Its too hard to pack.

Hearing these words, Liang Jingru cried more fiercely at night. At that time, I heard a bit of psychological pain, and I also had tears when I went to bed at night.

But she finally decided to put her mind into singing, ignoring any words, and if she couldnt stand it, she would write her mood on paper or draw pictures to vent it.

At that time, she wrote more than once that there were tears in my trash can.

Years later, when Liang Jingru recalled this moment, she couldnt help feeling sad: Because I am shy and introverted, and then I dont have self-confidence, so I will keep asking myself again and again.

But this kind of self-questioning has not achieved much effect.

Finally, she couldnt stand it and wanted to go home.

Once, Liang Jingru took a pile of paper and paintings and handed them to Li Zongsheng, saying, I am so unhappy and unhappy. I want to go home very much.

After listening, Li Zongsheng said frankly, Go back, you will find the simplest and most fond of singing you, you are ready to come back again.

After listening to this, she said with relief, I will come back again, took up her luggage and returned to Malaysia.

Years later, she confessed to Lu Yu, If I hadnt had such a big brother, I might have given up on myself, and then I couldnt start my singing career, so he gave me a lot of encouragement.

After returning to Malaysia, Liang Jingru did not forget to sing and went to the National Restaurant to sing.

A few months later, one day, she seemed to have figured it out and returned to Taiwan.

This time back, Liang Jingru never wanted to leave.

Li Zongsheng saw her return and carefully created a new album for her.

Here are some popular songs such as Growing Up Overnight and Rainbow.

The albums propaganda even wrote: the last bus home, rain has been in love, all night long endure tears, it is not obedient, I do not want to wipe, so it is! Love makes this girl grow up overnight.

It can be said that the prospects are limitless.

Even if she had the privilege of publicizing it on the show, she couldnt be too happy.

Once Liang Jingru went to Taozis program to publicize. Before she came on stage, everyone warned her not to laugh because she would be scolded.

So she took the album, sat in her seat and whispered, Hello, Im new Liang Jingru. This is my new album Growing Up Overnight. I think nobody wants to buy it.

The tone should be sour and sour.

Fortunately, Li Zongsheng did not give up. Another year later, he created Courage for Liang Jingru again.

This is Liang Jingrus second album.

At that time, no one would have thought that it was this song that made Liang Jingru a hit.

After the release of the song, Liang Jingru reached her peak in an instant. She won three awards: the Golden Melody Award, the Original Song Award and the Silver Award for Recommendation.

According to relevant statistics, the song has been sung 606 times so far. Many fans are attracted.

Liang Jingru seems to have ushered in the light.

But people who have experienced darkness are always very sober, and she knows that this glory is hard won.

Soon afterwards, Liang Jingru released the album Sunrise, I like it.

With this album, Liang Jingrus career has taken a step further and won the overseas singer award in one fell swoop.

Among them, Happy Break-up won the most popular ten songs.

Years later, in an interview, she said that the song Happy Break-up was the best way to define herself.

Because there are so many girls in my fans, they need friendship songs very much, and that friendship is mostly due to the comfort and companionship of lovelorn. I think it was such a song, to shoot the mv, shoot that kind of deep sense of friendship.

Since then, the name the day after healing has been engraved on Liang Jingru.

But she is still not confident.

Happy Break-up became popular online, Liang Jingru said in an interview with Tencent Entertainment: I used to be really less confident, more easily nervous.

Before long, she was challenged.

This is Liang Jingrus first concert, and the public is very looking forward to it. The day of the concert is crowded with people and seats are full. But no one ever found that Liang Jingru, who was in the background, had been suspicious of herself. She repeatedly told the staff that she couldnt.

After hearing this, the staff gave their support in succession: You can do it. They are all here for you.

After hearing this, Liang Jingrus mood improved slightly. But at the moment she stepped on stage, she shrank back and was so nervous that tears came out.

But she had no time to be sad, and the prelude to the first song had sounded. Liang Jingru could only quickly adjust her state and get on the stage.

She stood on the stage for a long time before she was relieved.

On that day, Liang Jingru said to his fans, I sang in the studio for two years, but finally I produced my first album. Today, my eldest brother (Li Zongsheng) did not come, but I want to thank him for finding me in front of so many people.

When she said this, her tears were red.

After that concert, Liang Jingru released albums such as Beautiful Life, Swallowtail Butterflys Resolution to Love and Silk Road.

She almost keeps the record of a new album every year. But in 2010, Liang Jingru suddenly stopped.

Only then did the fans know that she had met love.

As early as 2007, there was a media explosion that Liang Jingru was in contact with Zhao Yuan, a wealthy businessman.

Soon afterwards, there was news that she had been proposed.

Everything seems to come to pass. But few people understand that, at first, Liang Jingru did not like this situation.

Because she and Zhao Yuan met by chance.

At that time, Liang Jingrus career had reached its peak. The company held a celebration banquet in Shanghai. Many people came to the scene. Zhao Yuantong and Liang Jingrus boss were friends and invited.

When he came in, Liang Jingru was singing Worship on the stage. Maybe because he was too tired, Zhao Yuantong even heard him fall asleep.

This led to Liang Jingrus opinion.

After the singing, they had an opportunity to communicate with each other under the companys introduction. Because of their previous unhappiness, Liang Jingru did not like Zhao Yuantong.

But they left contact information out of courtesy.

Since then, Zhao Yuantong always talks with Liang Jingru, from personal life to future views. It is also in this ideological collision that Liang Jingru has gradually improved on him.

After clearing up the misunderstanding, they began to try to meet and go to a roadside stall together.

In this way, they became lovers.

Because of the twists and turns, Liang Jingru also lamented: When I was with him, I didnt feel like an artist, or what, then we could go to a roadside stall and feel very comfortable, I like this feeling.

This sense of steadfastness made her willing to step into marriage.

In February 2010, Liang Jingru and Zhao Yuantong held a wedding ceremony.

At the wedding scene, she choked and looked at Zhao Yuantong and said, Thank you for making me a better person.

Zhao Yuantong responded in the same way: Thank you for being my other half and completing my life.

But now, the media have also revealed that they suspect divorce, is also very sad.

Of course, these are the last words.

Because of a stable marriage, Liang Jingru finally stopped panicking.

Shortly after her marriage, she released her album Love Meets the Heart for a Long Time.

On the day of the press conference, a reporter asked her: Whats the biggest change in these years?

Liang Jingru only said three words: Live your life.

The people present expressed puzzlement.

She released slowly. After getting married, she tried to challenge herself again and again. She starred in the movie First Love Red Bean Ice.

In the play, she cooperates with Li Xinjie, A Niu and Pinguan. Most of them are very happy. Every party, they always laugh.

This also led to Liang Jingru. Later, after filming, Liang Jingru said publicly, A lot of funny things in my heart have been suppressed, and now they are released, and then I also want to play movies, comedies, or more movies like this.

She stopped being rigid and began to try to relax herself.

With this awareness, Liang Jingru finished her childs life, then ran to exercise, punching, dumbbells, hard-lifting to try one by one.

Later, when she attended the event, her mental state improved markedly and her hair was cut short.

Some journalists quipped: How can you suddenly change beautiful?

Liang Jingru said frankly, Its a change of attitude. Suddenly, life is often about finding new excitement. If we keep in a state for too long, we will not make progress. Now I am willing to try because I can accept it completely.

Liang Jingru said, The Sun Also Rises is like a brand-new day. Its a little like encouraging myself. Whether it comes to a low ebb or I feel like the positive energy we used to say, as long as we use another annotation to explain it, every day is a new day, and then the sun represents hope and hope. With a faint light.

In the same year, she was interviewed by Tencent Entertainment. The host asked her: What are the plans for the next work?

Liang Jingru listened, but said lightly, I want to learn how to sail.

The reporter expressed puzzlement.

At this point, she suddenly laughed, her eyes looked ahead, and then slowly opened her mouth: At this stage, you dont need to pay too much attention to many peoples vision of your decision, you can do yourself a little more, like a fish, happy and complacent.

The next day, some media wrote that 20 years later, Liang Jingru, still the just right person, despite the vicissitudes of time, she still shines. Author: Chi Shiwen