Those hunchbacks were thrown away. Its no use.

 Those hunchbacks were thrown away. Its no use.

Where can I find a place to lie outside if I want to play with my mobile phone?

So, I dont want you to think, I want you to think, I think its impractical to lie down and play with mobile phones, listen to me, darling exercise together!

In addition, if your pillow height is not properly chosen and your neck is not well supported, it will also cause cervical spine problems.

Question 2: Now in senior high school, there is a year to graduate, the serious thing is that they hunched back, always straight back in class, but tired for a long time, and then go back, do not know what to do?

From childhood to adulthood, when we sit at the desk and read our writing assignments, our elders will constantly remind us, Sit up straight, dont hunch on your back!

We all know the truth, but concubines cant do it! Why?

Because we are tired when we sit up straight, we cant bear it when we are tired, and we bend back again. Many times, we just switch between sitting up straight and bending down.

Is the correct sitting position a form of torture against our bodies?

Actually not. On the contrary, the correct sitting position is the most comfortable and relaxing one. What we need to look for is a sitting up and relaxing position.

So how to adjust the pelvic position?

Come on, lets learn the correct sitting posture with Esther Gokhale, a professor at Stanford University.

First, how to sit when you relax:

(2) Sit your buttocks at the end of the chair:

(3) The person leans forward, holds his fist against the lower end of the rib, pushes back gently and lengthens his back:

(4) Lift your body with both hands, and rest your back on the back of the chair. The back of the chair will fold a fold in your back.

(5) Lift your feet gently and turn the folds downwards so that you can sit very comfortably:

How to sit comfortably while working or studying?

The elbow is placed on both sides of the body. The arm is bent at 90 degrees or more. The keyboard is 2.5-5 centimeters from your thigh.

The direction of the knee is also important!

Question 3: Recently for a long time using mobile phones to watch classes, I feel that my neck is almost unable to hold on. I feel very tight and stiff these two days. Is there any cervical spondylosis?

Dont panic, our situation can only be regarded as a sub-healthy state of cervical spine.

Is it long-term bad posture?

Are there any symptoms of spinal cord compression?

Did I or CT scan detect osteoarthritis or root pain at C5-C6 level of cervical spine?

If youre just tired of your cervical spine, Id like to make a suggestion: try to hold your mobile phone and computer at the same level as your line of sight.

Stick to the cervical spine strengthening and correction exercise recommended by our last issue of the Public Number.

Finally, if the symptoms persist and can not be alleviated, it must go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible.

Question 4: Is it useful to buy something to correct a hunchback?

There are many products on the market to correct hunchbacks. If we have temporary needs (such as attending important occasions), then we can choose this way.

Because the root of bad posture is that our muscles and spine are out of balance.

In order to really change this state, we must start with self-correction and develop a conscious and good posture of standing, walking, sitting and lying.

Question 5: How to check if you have a luxury bag? What about a luxury bag? Can it disappear in any way?

Rich bag is a big bag that emerges from the lower part of the back of our neck, also known as the back of the neck bag.

Rich bag has the following characteristics:

The lower part of the neck (posterior part) protrudes, and the connective tissue and adipose tissue accumulate on it. If you can squeeze a large lump of meat, it is probably a rich bag.

The natural curvature of cervical spine disappeared and the neck was stiff and straight.

It may be accompanied by head tilt.

The reasons for the appearance of luxury bags include poor posture of long-term head forward, increased cervical curvature caused by osteoporosis, and some endocrine disorders.

The way to prevent and eliminate wealth and luxury bags, first of all, you diagnosed, if it is osteoporosis and endocrine problems, please see a doctor in time.

Next is to maintain healthy weight and body fat. Finally, eliminating wealth and wealth is a long-term battle, so be patient and persistent.

Question 6: How to judge whether you are practicing correctly or effectively?

When practicing, always pay attention to your body, whether you feel soreness, swelling and neck stiffness have been alleviated.

Of course, lazy pigs are not tired from sitting too long without practice.

As for the effectiveness, I think it depends on everyones effort and willpower. I suggest that you take pictures of yourself every week and keep practicing. It will be a surprise.

Question 7: Can corrective exercises gradually restore normal posture, or just prevent further deterioration?

I can say responsibly that as long as we start early and keep practicing, we can definitely improve our bad posture.

Question 8: Cervical spondylosis patients one, to the hospital for examination, cervical vertebra physiological curvature straightening, compression of nerves and blood vessels, so I often dizziness and headache, finger and toe pain, do not know if this situation needs surgery?

The treatment of each disease varies from person to person. I believe that no doctor can easily guide patients to use drugs and operate on these information alone.

For the case of this childs shoes, I can say that the current international guidelines for the treatment of cervical spondylosis believe that:

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and soft neck braces can be used to relieve symptoms in patients with radiculopathy only.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and soft neck braces can be used to relieve symptoms in patients with radiculopathy only.

Cervical laminectomy is necessary for patients with spinal cord involvement and refractory radiculopathy.

Specifically, there are more factors to consider if surgery is necessary.

In addition to their own state of illness, there are economic conditions of patients, physical conditions and whether there are contraindications for surgery and anesthesia.

Therefore, I suggest you still accept the evaluation and suggestion of your doctor, oh, try to find qualified third-tier hospitals, experienced experts and doctors, this is also very important.