Hong Kong thugs pointed guns at the police like terrorists in the street

 Hong Kong thugs pointed guns at the police like terrorists in the street

It is reported that some thugs saw and pulled the street lamp because they suspected it had face recognition function. In fact, the street lamp is a smart lamp pole designed to cooperate with 5G and promote the development of smart city. The cost of each lamp is HK$680,000.

The mob is very skilled. Within a short period of time, he dismantles the intelligent lamp post, removes the Bluetooth positioning device and hard disk, and destroys power supply systems such as wires. Later, a mob took out a chainsaw and saw off the lamp post. Dozens of mobs then pulled the lamp post off with ropes. A huge lamp post about seven meters high fell to the ground.

Due to the escalation of violence, rioters claimed to go to the Kowloon Bay MTR depot, and the police sent riot police and fast dragon teams on guard.

At about 16 p.m., riot police repeatedly warned against the invalidity, pushing the line of defense to try to disperse the mob, the mob immediately hit the ground, throwing bricks and other hard objects, and more people threw a number of incendiary bombs in the direction of the police officers, affecting several journalists, some people with burns on both feet.

In the meantime, rioters set fire in the street, and more rioters pointed pistols at the police. According to the shape inference, the pistol raised by the mob, suspected to be Glock, was designed and manufactured by an Austrian manufacturer. It has the characteristics of short, compact, powerful, and equipped by the Hong Kong Police Force.

To stop the violence, the police fired tear gas, pepper balls and rubber bullets, and subdued several rioters.

Hong Kong Railway said yesterday that due to public activities in Kwun Tong District, the station will be closed for prudence, including the suspension of train service between Rainbow Station on Kwun Tong Line and Tiu Keng Ling Station. Chaotic elements have repeatedly obstructed railway staff from pulling the brakes to close the station, and some people have taken the opportunity to make trouble.

That night, a mob fled to Huangdaxian Metro Station in an attempt to leave by subway. According to Ta Kung Pao, after the train arrived at the station, rioters deliberately blocked the door and claimed to wait for others to go along.

At this time, a middle-aged woman came forward to advise the mob not to block the car door, so that other citizens would not be trapped. Several young mobs then pushed the woman several times, until she was driven out of the car, during which the mob took the opportunity to punch and beat her.

After that, some of the rioters turned to the Deepwater Police Station to block the road. Some residents were not satisfied with the riotersnoise and disturbance at night. When they came to the front theory, the two sides clashed and knives were held on the scene. The police then appeared to maintain order and disperse the mob.

It wasnt until late at 23 p.m. that the mob gradually dispersed, Wen Bao said that at least 20 people were arrested in police operations.

The Hong Kong Hospital Authority said last night that as of 20.30 p.m., seven people had been hospitalized. Two of them were seriously injured, two were in stable condition and the other two were discharged.

A spokesman for the SAR Government said that some demonstrators deviated from the original parade route and set up roadblocks on many roads, causing serious traffic jams and affecting emergency services. In the meantime, violent demonstrators destroyed public property, set fire, threw incendiary bombs and attacked police officers with bricks, which seriously threatened the personal safety of citizens and police officers.

The HKSAR Government strongly condemns the destruction and violence of the demonstrators, and the police will strictly investigate all violations. The SAR government calls on demonstrators to stop violence and restore order as soon as possible.